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  1. 80 miles later, and the problem has returned. There are some new fault codes: 17550 - Load Calculation Cross Check: Lower Limit Exceeded - Intermittent 17524 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor Heating: B1 S1: Open Circuit - Intermittent 17513 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor Heating; B1 S2 - Intermittent 17526 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor Heating; B1 S2: Open Circuit - Intermittent Along with the codes from before, which were cleared and have now returned. Again, any help would be much appreciated.
  2. I have cleaned the earths behind the left headlight and it seems to have worked. Thanks
  3. So, I have a Lupo 1.4S and when I drive it (starts fine), the doors will unlock and the interior light turns on, then the car will cut out (revs slowly drop to zero). It will then start up fine, drive for a few metres then cut out again, all while pretty much constantly unlocking the doors. When the car cuts out it brings the engine light on with the following codes: 16585 to 16588 - Injector Cylinder (1 to 4) (N32): Circuit Malfunction -- Intermittent 01039 - Coolant Temperature Sensor (G2) - Not currently testable -- intermittent 00945 - Crash Sensor (G190) - Short to Ground Any help diagnosing this problem would be greatly appreciated.
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