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  1. Blanco70

    New to the family

    Thanks for advice - could have a go as have access to tools ... would need instructions? garage has offered a bit of discount but not enough for me to not shop around. Can any garage do this job? The garage I spoke to told me the following .... The egr is very important, if this is not changed it could cause the car to brake (sic) down and cause long term damage and it would fail an Mot interesting as I bought the car with 12 months mot haha!!! any more advice alwYs welcome - great group!
  2. Blanco70

    New to the family

    Hi Milton Keynes! They have quoted I think with genuine parts and I pushed back. They have now offered with non genuine parts so will see what this does to the price. I am not sure if just resetting the warning and leaving the fault is a balanced risk ... probably a bad idea! All prices btw excluded Vat that were quoted.
  3. Blanco70

    New to the family

    Thanks - So I went to a specialist who diagnosed Foc. Turns out to be an egr pipe and valve. Parts £260 labour another £60. Gulp. Must be a cheaper place and how bad is a faulty egr?
  4. Blanco70

    New to the family

    Hi all, just driven new addition to the family a smart little 55 plate 1.0 lupo home. Daughters first car. When test driving I did get a sensation that the car was over-revving but upon inspection engine seemed to settle back to normal tick over idle. On motorway home the engine again seemed to be at a higher rev rate than on dial. I think it might be a sound connected to the engine. Increases with speed. Then yellow engine warning light came on. Was planning to take to a local VW specialist anyway to get it checked but wanted to throw it out there in case anyone had any thoughts? Thanks peeps !

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