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  1. Hi can anyone help, I'm looking for a centre cap for an Alloy on a 2002 Arosa. My son took his in for a wheel change and the garage have lost it !!. It is a 14" (I think) wheel, its a fairly large looking cap with clips and I can only find small stick on ones on ebay etc. Thank you
  2. Yes that makes sense but I'm in Somerset !!
  3. Thanks Rich he didn't pack it out with washers he just adjusted it ... he said he had taken up the slack .... I've heard about the pedal box issue however the fact that he's adjusted it and it's fine makes me think we just need a cable .... milfy
  4. My son has a Seat Arosa 1.0 2002 model it needs clutch cable replacing. The RAC came out as he couldn't get any gears and have adjusted it and all now fine BUT he said we need to replace the clutch which is (EXPENSIVE) .... However I've now been told we could prob get away with just a new cable (CHEAP) ??? Can anyone help PLEASE . Thank you
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