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  1. I did some research on them but couldn't find much, i knew they were rarer than the leathers that don't have the holes in the design of them because i hadn't really seen any leathers like these until i researched, just had no idea on a asking price for them. thanks again
  2. Title: VW Lupo leather seats and leather door cards Description: Set of lupo leather seats, all leather headrests are present, both front seats adjustments work. There are no rips or tears on the leather seats, just a few marks. Also included is a set of leather door cards, no handles or switches are included as they were broken or not working. The only problem with the door cards is that the passenger door card leather has started to peel, see picture below, it could be repaired. Location: Scunthorpe Postage: Postage not available (Collection Only) Price: £300
  3. Thanks for the response, i was thinking they would be worth about that. Ill post them on the marketplace for £300 Don't really see much sets of Lupo leather seats come up for sale
  4. Hi everyone, haven't posted in a while. I have some Lupo leather seats with all headrests also have leather door cards. I'm unsure on what to sell them for, what would be a fair price to ask for the seat and door cards? No handles or switches are on the door cars as they were all broken, the leather on the passenger front door card had started to peel from the door card so this should be reflected in what they are worth. Images attached. If anyone is interested in buying them drop me a message thanks Ryan
  5. Cheers, appreciate the help, made room by bending the pins on the quick release and I’m gonna make some wires that fit so the horn will be flush. The horns sits in the hole without wires properly yes, the horn wouldn’t actually work tho. What resistor will I need for the airbag?
  6. The wire length is fine, it’s that the connectors are too long which is causing the horn to not sit where it should. I have attached a picture of how the horn should look when fitted. And the some of what it looks like with the wires in place
  7. Hi everyone, so I recently purchased a momo team 280mm steering wheel and a quick release and a boss. If i wire in the horn in the quick release part that’s on the steering wheel and connect the other end of the wires to th horn there isn’t enough room for the horn to sit flush with the steering wheel. If I remove the wires the horn sits flush but the horn circuit will not be completed. Anyone able to help me? I can get some better pictures if needed cheers ryan
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