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  1. Finally fitted my Scorpion Exhaust to my Lupo GTI! From what I read the exhaust was prone to rattle but I've found that with the correct fitting and some patience it fits great with absolutely no rattle what so ever and looks fantastic!


  2. Yeah that was me! Haha small world
  3. MorrisKeeno

    Grill Trim!

    Just fitted the new red trim to my little Lupo grill! I'm loving the results wasn't hard to do just a little fiddly when making sure it was all on correctly!
  4. Haha well actually I've put my original plate back on now! P11 UPO
  5. Evening! New here but I've been using the site for about 2 years working on my Lupo 1.4E and my new Lupo 1.6 GTI. Thanks for the Add can't wait to see everyone's Lupo!
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