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  1. zepingue

    Hi my name is Patrice

    Hello, My name is Patrice, I am 32 years old and I live on the island of Reunion. I have a 2008 vw fox for 4 years. I registered on the forum to get help to install a universal centralization kit in my car. I hope there will be connoisseurs to help me. Thank you
  2. Hello, I am French and I live in Reunion Island. I own a 2008 vw fox and my centralized remote control no longer works. I bought a universal centralization kit, but I can not install it. I do not know on which wires to connect the kit. I looked at installation tutorials in vw polo 9n but the wires do not seem to match those of vw fox. I point out that my centralization works when I turn the key in the door. I hope that someone could help me. Thank you in advance

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