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  1. I have an S3 rear subframe which I need to mount at the rear so the floor needed to come out anyway. I'll mount that with the RS4 diff in a cradle then run a shortened TT prop. I've noticed the original GTI subframe raises up in the middle leaving little space for the prop but from what I can see the 1.2TDI subframe is paralel from mount to mount which will leave me more tunnel space.
  2. In the front 4wd, just want to keep it tidy without any unnecessary piping.
  3. I've stripped the engine bare & want to make up some silicone hoses but am wondering whether there is a simpler way to plumb it all in like cutting out certain pipework etc. I've heard about the breather removals etc & am hoping for a guide or advice.
  4. There is one mount that fits the drivers side & the left needs modding from what I can see from builds but no pics because of photobucket again. I know the box will fit with modding of the left chassi leg.
  5. I'm putting my 20v in the front now with a 02M 4wd box for the conversion but am unsure what engine mounts people use. The gearbox mounting I will sort myself but I've heard so many different things as to which engine mounts work with this conversion from Polo to Seat Leon TDI mounts. Can anybody advise me which ones to use? Part numbers would be ideal. Thanks in advance guys.
  6. I'm 99% sure I've seen somebody else do this but cant find any pics even on any other forum! "Thanks Photobucket for ruining everybody's build by removing hosting!"
  7. Yeah like a Porsche 911 C4S! haha no thinking of putting the engine in the front with TT/S3 drivetrain/Haldex unit. I've already got the rear subframe mounted in for rwd but thinking outside the box before I start more work.
  8. Yeah I actually read about that one, that's the only one I seen whilst searching. Hopefully looking for somebody to ask a few questions though. Thanks anyway as it's quite an informative read. ?? I just don't think 500-600bhp will accelerate very well as just a rwd even though the engine will only sit slightly in front of the rear wheels.
  9. Has anybody fitted a TT Quattro gearbox into a 1.8T Lupo? I'm in the process of doing a rwd conversion with a stroked 1.8 to 2.1. I'm thinking that I'm not going to put the power down very well so thinking of TT/S3 box & running gear but wondered if this has been done before.
  10. Started to weld the subframe mounts in over the weekend in between the British summertime rain. Nearly done but need to move the mounts back 5mm to get the wheels centre & weld a few braces & strengthening plates in situ.
  11. Bought a brand new Draper mig welder last week & it burned out just feeding the wire through the liner so sent it back & ordered a Sealey Supermig 180 so knocked me back a week already.? Hopefully should have the sububframe in place by the end of next week ready to fabricate the lower rose jointed wishbones. Also after a bit of research I decided to go down the 2.1(2067cc) stroker kit that Integrated Engineering offer. Also now the EFR 6258 turbo is out of the question as it only takes up to 450bhp. May have to go down the EFR8374 route now as it's still one of the fastest spooli
  12. Yeah I'm right down South. The exhaust was rotten anyway.
  13. So over the weekend I decided it's time to get cracking. Out came the disc cutter & out came the rear beam, fuel tank & the floorpan.
  14. Please guys visit my page. Any donations will be greatly appreciated by the family of Oliver. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/daniel-webb16
  15. I'm about to get myself one of these but I've seen a few on the market. One that particularly catches my eye is this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Racing-Escort-Rally-E-Brake-Drift-Hydraulic-Handbrake-Hydro-Kit-Vertical-Golden-/122044717297?hash=item1c6a6e98f1:g:BeYAAOSw~y9ZCJ~6 Has anybody fitted one of these & what was the quality/feel like?
  16. Yes that's the plan when I get around to it. I was there half the night last night taking the dash out, right PITA!
  17. It's actually what you advised me to use in an earlier post.
  18. It's currently on a life support but I'll be bringing it back to life very soon. Hopefully it will have a more active lifestyle than before too.
  19. I was thinking of cutting the turrets from front of golf & welding them into the rear but also veering towards fabricating my own. Didn't know Golf fitted to Lupo front turrets though, thanks.??
  20. It's for the front. As I'm using a Mk3 Golf front subrame for the rear I have to get Golf front coilovers fro the rear of the Lupo. Yes they are quite expensive but I have a direct account with Bilstein (I own a motor factors in S.Wales)so I get the quite a lot cheaper.
  21. Has anybody got any feedback on the above before I buy please? https://www.itectuning.com/suspension/bilstein-suspension/bilstein-shock-absorbers/bilstein-motorsport-strut-for-vw-lupo-cup-front-35-607885
  22. Some more progress yesterday afternoon. All the interior stripped out & almost ready for the floorpan to be cut away now for the rear subframe.
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