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  1. My 1.4 se 75bhp has just failed MOT on emissions, hydrocarbons too high, possibly over curling? I changed the throttle body couple of months back and since have noticed a drop in fuel economy. I've had error p1554, does this need plugging into Vag-com to sort it? Does it need the throttle body aligning properly? Thanks in advance
  2. Would 8 awg cable be causing to much of a drain on the battery causing my amp to power off? If I turn the head unit off and back on it works for a while until the bass really drops and then cuts out again? 1.4 SE petrol. Running a 900w fli 4 channel amp (bridged). And powering a db audio rapture 1400w 12' sub. Want the 4 channel cause I'm gonna upgrade the fronts at some point and power off the amp.
  3. So I took a drive round some country roads today after alot of rain last night, I was enjoying the joys of being lowered on coilovers and having sorted my throttle body issues. Went round a blind bend to find what can only be described as a lake had formed where the road should be............ With no choice but to go through it I plowed on...... LUPO POWER!!!!! As soon as I got out the other side, the engine management light came on and car would not rev above 3500 rpm...... got home in limp mode and read the fault see attached pic..... Could this be caused by water getting in to the sensor? Where is the sensor for me to be able to check it?
  4. Could this also be why the indicator stork doesn't always return when turning right?
  5. Might sound like a right idiot but what's the clock spring? How difficult is it to rectify?
  6. May have lied abit........ I have a leather dimpled steering wheel.... which i believe is a standard wheel for a Sport not an SE. I've read the fault and it says something about variable resistance?
  7. Right..... those wires are dead.... I chased them back and they've been chopped at the other end too and a new throttle body connection wired in. I'm not sure I have the correct throttle body on my car someone please correct me of my thought process is wrong. In the included picture the bits I've coloured in blue are the mounts for the unit..... the bits in red I assume are locating holes for the locating pins that the gaskets & throttle body sit on? Mine don't line up? At all? Would a 1.6 throttle body fit? Would this have any benefit? Or a sport one rather than an SE? Or am I way off? Thanks in advance
  8. Don't suppose you have a wiring diagram?
  9. So I'm out on the drive way looking to clean the throttle body..... which doesn't look to bad tbh and I notice this.......... Is it supposed to look like that? It's the electrical connection for the throttle body if the picture is bad?
  10. Sweet thanks again..... gonna be my job for weekend.... I'll keep you updated.
  11. Cool cheers Rich..... I've just remembered ive got the old one the lad took off.... are they serviceable? I could clean the spare up n service then swap units if poss? Is there anyway of doing the basics settings without vcds/ vagcom?
  12. So it's looking like I need a new throttle assembly? How likely is it that taking it off and cleaning it is gonna make much difference? Would this throw up the manifold pressure too or should I look at replacing that sensor too? Massive thanks for your help up to now. This is my 1st VW.... Vauxhall, Ford or Scooby I pretty much now what causes what.
  13. Thanks I'll pick up a new one and try that. Not sure if this will help but just been out and got these codes
  14. 1.4 SE 16v. Doesn't do it all the time, when it's running good it pulls really well. On inspection all ignition components look well... no damage to leads etc. It's had the throttle body changed by previous owner and had the pedal box done too apparently.
  15. Does anyone know why my car won't rev? Seems worse now we have warm weather? Keeps throwing up throttle actuator fault with ecu reader..... seems to pop up when I let off to coast to a junction? Could this be an idle air control Valve issue? I'm new to VW ant help advice would be much appreciated.
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