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  1. jamesssn

    Modifying spare wheel well

    I was looking for a sport in good nick for months and had no luck, then I came across an immaculate 1.4 S 16v with only 24k on the clock for a very cheap £1150, so I had to get it! It still has 100bhp I believe, as it's the 16v version. I'll make a build thread sometime soon
  2. jamesssn

    Modifying spare wheel well

    Yeah ofcourse, there's a 1.4 sport in a scrapyard near me so hopefully I can get all the bits I need. Will post some photos when it's done
  3. jamesssn

    Modifying spare wheel well

    Great stuff, there's a summer project for me, thanks!
  4. jamesssn

    Modifying spare wheel well

    So just a direct swap? Then there should be room to bend the exhaust up and mount it to the bottom of the new well?
  5. jamesssn

    Modifying spare wheel well

    So you'd suggest cutting a channel into the wheel well then bending the exhaust up into it? Sounds good, the spare wheel would have to go though presumably?
  6. jamesssn

    Modifying spare wheel well

    I've recently fitted a sportex centre exit exhaust (the one that hangs below the bumper) to my 1.4 16v, and the next step for me would be to buy a 1.4 sport bumper and have the exhaust poking through the cutout, like on a GTI. However if I remember correctly I read somewhere on here that it order to do this you need to modify the spare wheel well in order to do this. Just wondering if anyone has any knowledge or experience on the topic? Thanks
  7. jamesssn

    Rubbing/scraping help!

    Okay that's great, it does make sense to me that getting some smaller tyres and rolling the arches should sort the problem! I'm not sure on the wheel offset - they're actually just some cheap Chinese BBS fakes I'm running for the moment till I can afford something better, but from what I can tell there is a fair amount as the wheels do poke out quite a bit!
  8. jamesssn

    Rubbing/scraping help!

    Website's broken so I can't attach any pics, but yeah let us know what you think, thanks for helping
  9. jamesssn

    Rubbing/scraping help!

    Haha no worries! It's mostly the rears that rub when i go over bumps, but the fronts do scrape occasionally aswell which is the main problem, because when they do scrape against the lip on the arches they're taking little chunks of tyre off each time! Yeah i've double checked and it's actually two fingers gap on both the front and read, my bad! The coilovers were brand new FK coilovers, I think they're pretty common on Lupos but not too sure! The wheels are 15in 7J, and the tyres and 195/50 R15. I'll post up some pictures in a sec.
  10. jamesssn

    Rubbing/scraping help!

    Ah I see, so I'm best off not stretching tyres, and actually finding some with smaller side walls which won't scrape against the arches? I presume once the arches are rolled too that will be a big help. At the moment i'm not very low at all, I have about 3 fingers gap between the tyre and arch. I was just saying that the underside of cars scraping against bumps is to be expected if you are extremely low, which at the moment I am not. It's actually a different problem with me - the wheel arches scraping the tyres when going over bumps, which I don't think normally occurs on lowered cars. Thankyou for the help :-)
  11. jamesssn

    Rubbing/scraping help!

    Hi all, I've recently fitted some 15" wheels and coilovers to my Lupo 1.4, but am having some trouble with the tyres rubbing/scraping on the wheel arches. When I have passengers in the car it is pretty much constantly scraping, and even when I'm in the car alone I have to drive extremely slow over the smallest of bumps. I know it's expected with very low cars for the underside to scrape against bumps, but it's actually the tyres on the wheel arches scraping for me, which I don't believe should happen. This is causing the tyres to actually get cut/gouged on my wheel arches and I'm worried for my upcoming MOT! I do plan to eventually go even lower by rolling my arches, getting some stretched tyres, and adjusting camber - which I'm hoping will solve the problem, but until then I haven't a solution other than winding my car a bit higher which I don't really want to do, because it's not very low as it is! I've thought about trying some bumpstops, but I've no idea how they work or how to fit them, and I've no clue whether I need to buy a specific set for my FK coilovers or not? Has anyone any suggestions, or know anything about bumpstops? Thanks!
  12. jamesssn

    Grille help!

    I've got a standard lupo 1.4 S, and am struggling to remove the front grille so I can install my new aftermarket one. I've tried removing the two obvious screws from either side of the grille, and unclipping the two clips at the top of the grille. I can also see a few more clips under the grille attaching it to the upper bumper strip thing (that holds the indicators - I'm not sure what it's called), and they shouldn't be a problem either. From other posts I've read that's all people have really mentioned, but the grille still seems to be somehow attached to the upper bumper strip where each of the two screws are, and I can't seem to pry it apart. Can someone help? Would it be easier to remove the entire front bumper? If I'm not making any sense I can always post some pics, Cheers!

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