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  1. Hi, Do you have any rear door cards available? I seen your red front ones on ebay and will probably buy them if you have the rear ones too. I will pay the extra of course, assuming a fair price. Connor
  2. I got a 1 litre Lupo as my first car at 17 about 2 years ago and my insurance was £1200 with Admiral and a black box. I'd maybe consider black box for the first year and get it out after you get a year no claims bonus - it saved me about £800 in my first year. As a follow up to what Matt said about location and job, my insurance went down £100 this year when I changed my job title. Good luck with the quotes.
  3. Would you be able to post by courier if I paid the extra fee?
  4. Seen a light blue stanced Lupo in Glasgow city centre late last night, mad wee car. The front right fender looked wooden so you'll know if its yours lol. Is it anyone on here? Got a pic if anyone is interested but the camber is a bit dodgy so I wouldn't show the regi plate.
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