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  1. Kurtisvdubber


    It's the crank shaft sensor that's why it's not working and must be a faulty ignition switch.. when I wiggle the key the starter motor stops when ignition is on and works as it should But that's for all your guys help
  2. Kurtisvdubber


    Right mate this is what happens.. I put key in ignition and turn ignition on. All lights on dash come on as they should. I turn the key to start the car and starter motor does as it should (engine does not start) I realise the key but the starter motor is still turning the engine over and won't stop turning it over until I turn the ignition off. Hope this is more understanding for you buddy
  3. Kurtisvdubber


    Okay mate so follow the red/black wire back from pin 50 on the plug to behind the barrel follow it to the part all the loom meets then follow it back to the starter motor correct? If not I don't know what you means sorry not the most intelligent person going and if I'm right what next mate?? Thanks for all your help
  4. Kurtisvdubber


    Right mate I've compared the 2 plugs that go into the back of the barrel from the lupo loom and the polo loom and they are the same buddy so it can't be that :(( so that's one thing off the list to check and more idea Nate??
  5. Kurtisvdubber


    Right awesome ill have a look thank you so much
  6. Kurtisvdubber


    I know I wouldn't try start it if it had spark and was still tuning over like this I'm just wondering if you know why I have no spark mate??
  7. Kurtisvdubber


    Alright pal yeah didn't expect it to be all simple but so confused as to why it turns over when ignition is on and why I have no spark
  8. Kurtisvdubber


    Alright pal yeah didn't expect it to be all simple but so confused as to why it turns over when ignition is on and why I have no spark
  9. Kurtisvdubber


    Teething?? And I'm from morrcambe/Lancaster buddy
  10. Kurtisvdubber


    Yeah Nate that's the annoying / upsetting part
  11. Kurtisvdubber


    Awesome mate thank you means a lot I'll crack on with that today and see what I can find mate What about the no spark situation?? Any advice on that pal?? You've been very helpful thank you
  12. Kurtisvdubber


    I did slot of research before doing the conversation for this reason and I've been told that the only thing I have to change on the looms is the lights front and back and the door looms everything else is plug and play. I think I might have blown a relay as I don't know which ones they go into my own fault should of taken pictures and the barrel I've been told will be faulty and easiest was to solve this is install a start button. Do you recon I should get the barrel from the polo?? Thanks guys appreciate all the advice
  13. Kurtisvdubber


    I had a 1.4s lupo. I've done an engine conversation to a 1.6 polo 6n2 gti engine. I've used the engine harness and in car loom from the polo and plugged all the engine harness in and same with the car loom. I turn the ignition on and lights on dash come on. I turn the key further to start the engine but as I have no spark the engine won't start. As I let go on the key the engine continues to turn over until I turn the ignition off. Any more info you need mate let me know
  14. Kurtisvdubber


    Hello all can someone please help me out!!! I've done the 1.6 gti conversion in my lupo. I've got all the engine loom and in car loom all plugged in together. The car turns over but stater motor still turns the engine over when the ignition is on. Have to turn he ignition off for it to stop.. any ideas please? The car us also not getting any spark? Could I of knocked something when doing the conversion?? Also I don't know which plugs t relays go into. Any help would be most grateful guys please help thanks all
  15. Kurtisvdubber

    Engine converstion

    Hello all.. I currently have a 1.4s Lupo but the engine is bust. Like its shite. The problem I have is it's a AHW engine code and I've been told they are the worst engine code to have because they are going all the time.. I'm wanting to either get the same size engine or a bigger one. So if I get a new engine coded engine I know I'll need the ecu but will I also need the full wiring loom?? Any advice/help would be greatful thanks all

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