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  1. Hello, iv just picked up a 14litre Lupo that has a 1.0litre gearbox in it. It runs fine despite the gear timings however if the gearbox is maxed out, say sat at 80mph for 30mins or so it flicks up the check engine light and the car judders when pulling away. Is this something to be concerned about or fairly normal for a 1.0 box in a 1.4? thanks
  2. Hello all, i recently bought my first Lupo a few weeks ago and thought id share it on the forum with the rest of you as i love reading about all of your lupo projects! Its only a little 1.0ltr but its an all round tidy car. Lowered on coilovers, had the bump strips removed, and has had the rear bumper and door handles colour coded. Iv put wind deflectors on it myself and have put in a subwoofer, however in need of a nice set of wheels for it, im thinking ATS Classics? I love deep dish rims on Lupo's! But heres a few pics in the meantime, ill try keep you posted c:
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