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  1. weefifi

    EPC Light. HELP

    Can anyone help ? So my 1L Y Reg lupo broke down the other day. The EPC light came on, on the dash and I lost all acceleration. The car still idoled but very poorly. Switched it off and started it again but wouldn't start first time. I have replaced the throttle body and the mechanism on the throttle pedal and still nothing. Hooked it up to vag com and a snap on system on the computer and both saying a fault with throttle body and the mechanism on the pedal. Can anyone shed any light on this please? Thanks ?
  2. weefifi

    Alloys and tyres

    Hey! bought a set of bbs 15'' 6j alloys for the lupo. whats the best size tyre to get for them? don't want stretch if not necessary. Thanks weefifi

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