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  1. Hey guys I'm new to the club, just bought my first car, a black 1.0 1999 Lupo for the staggering sum of £300 and called her Evie. I'm now getting her ready for when I pass my test. Already caught the modding bug and have: -Removed Rub Strips -Changed Aerial from original to stubby -Changed interior seats from original grey to Lupo grey/black and red -Changed the window winders from original to black and chrome Audi A4 -Came with pop-out windows in the back (Result!) -Came with one pirelli tyre (Because racecar?) Things that need done: -Rust treatment -Service -Dent removal -Paint correction -Steering alignment -Hole on bumper support panel (????) -Rear springs replaced Mods that are planned: -Nicer wheels -Some parts painted red (Wing mirrors, fuel cover, boot handle etc) -Nicer steering wheel (only have assisted steering) -Wind deflectors -Colour coded Badges -Tastefully Lowered -Interior trim red Anyway I was wondering if anyone knows anymore cheap mods that I could do as I'm a student and don't have a massive amount to spend.
  2. Hope this is alright as it's my first time posting something for sale. Description: Seats are a bit grubby as I don't think they were cleaned for a while, just need a good clean. Rear headrests are missing and the tilt handle on the passenger side needs repaired but I have spares that will fit. Location: Ayrshire, Scotland Postage: Collection only due to size and weight Price: Looking for about £50 but am open to offers as I want rid of them and don't really know what they're worth
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