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  1. Hey thanks for the tips guys! I'm in need of a bit of money and I think after that i'm going to buy some decent alloys but I'm just unsure about lowering it because the excess cost to declare it, but hopefully that will get sorted soon enough, next thing i'm doing is reapholster some of the shabby grey parts, but I think a new gear stick is needed as the leather loojs a bit **** and it's scratched, any idea what sticks can fit???
  2. Hey all!! after taking lessons for about a year now, i'm almost there for my test, got my theory booked for 13th and then when I pass that i'm going straight to tale my test!! But 3 weeks ago my dad texted me saying he found a lupo on ebay, and having a good look to it, and £1050 less he bought me it!! And i've already done a few things to it but I can't seem to add pics here ao i'm going to do it another timee! Any advice you can give me about modding cars just after i've passed or going insurance advice please comment i'd love to hear some good tips!!
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