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  1. MR PK

    Renown steering wheel with Momo boss £90

    Hi Benjeee What size is the steering wheel? P
  2. Hi Alex, Paul here. What seats did you have and were they re-upholstered? P
  3. MR PK

    2001 (51) lupo gti BREAKING

    Hi........... do you have left and right side gti axle spacers? Also price please I will collect..............P
  4. MR PK

    Lupo gti black and silver

    Hi........ do you have left and right side gti axle spacers? And price collected please?..............P
  5. MR PK

    Lupo parts for sale

  6. Does anyone know of any links of anyone who has gone down the 5 stud non adapter conversion route?...................P
  7. Hi Cooper_GTI, thanks for the reply. Think I may have to have a look at a 5 stud Golf set up or TT. P
  8. Hi mattarosa, I thought as much. I ve been told vr6 hubs are needed so I ve got some coming down from the North of England. P
  9. Hi everyone, I m new to the scene and I bought a Seat Arosa 1.0 ltr. So I got a bit over enthusiastic once I saw a couple of really nice Lupos and thought 'Yes' lol. Thought I would start out really slowly with a set of coilovers and take it from there but one night, you know where I m going with this, I accidently bought some bits. Typical me. Basically, does anyone know how I do a five stud conversion but not the adapter route? I know its a long shot but I read a few posts from guys who really know their stuff. Thanks Paul
  10. MR PK

    Lupo front grill with indicators

    Hi, Do you still have the grill? Paul
  11. MR PK

    Lupo gti black and silver

    Hi, Could you give me a break down of prices and parts I would need to convert the front of my Arosa to a Lupo GTi front please? Many thanks Paul Ps.........Also rear bumper too, ta
  12. Hi......... Would it be possible to run 9j Wheel on the rear of an Arosa? How could it be done, suggestions please? ??????? P

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