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  1. All my wiring info is at work but I'm sure I can help. Best trick I can suggest is make sure you have loads of caffeine available and defo need to buy a copy of VW elsawin to help
  2. Lupo is finally alive and drove it about 20metres to put in a different spot at work! Yippee just need to figure out oil pressure warning light, wiring checks out good so thinking maybe faulty instrument cluster
  3. Yes just get an old pair of like grips, exhaust clamp same size as intercooler piping and just some random big washers. Just remember to chop washer side of mole grips down a little
  4. Cool tool I made to swage intercooler piping
  5. Exhaust finally finished and fitted today, I've gone with a stealth look
  6. Oil pressure wise I checked it today,4.5bar cold cranking with a battery booster to up rpm so no oil pressure issues only thing I've found is mk4 golf switch is 1.2-1.6bar and lupo is 0.3-0.6bar.havnt run it since as still building exhaust system
  7. Just a reminder to all doing 1.8t looms don't forget to run the Kline wire from ecu. Most later ecus are me7.5 and pin 43 big terminal is Kline,grey/white
  8. No because I've put the mounts on at an angle it gives me better clearance for diff,driveshaft angles and sump clearence
  9. Atleast with the way I've angles my engine mounts I have no low sump issues ?
  10. Not a big fan of this but needs must Need to find a way to modify bumper but keep reasonably standard looking as I want it a sleeper
  11. Yes mate, not great at tig welding yet but only started doing it on this!
  12. Just an little update! IT FINALLY CAME ALIVE TODAY ???????? Got a few issues if any one can help? Oil pressure light flashing wonder if I need lupo oil pressure sensor? And more importantly no comms? Wired in correct but no joy? Pics of my custom 3" homemade down pipe
  13. No that's cool! I think it's because I'm using the stock mounts because the bracket that bolts to the engine cambelt side is really thick and curved and I wanted to make it possible to do cambelts and water pumps in place! I've got to cut a bit more out of gearbox side so I can slide engine over little as alternator belt will foul! I'm still in garage now trying to sort out looms! 4 late evenings now but just got it all labelled up now just need to join it all up! I'm a long way off yet
  14. Use your donar car pedal and loom saves playing with even more wires! There is noway that engine would of fitted without chopping chassis rails and using both original mk4 mounts, I want to make it look like a factory fit. I wish I'd started cambelt side and chopped gearbox side chassis leg as wouldnt of needed so much but the way I've chopped the chassis and plated it means I can do cambelts and water pumps in place
  15. I just got a piece of stainless steel, chopped it about, bent it and then riveted it to the wheel arch/bulkhead and put some riv nuts in prior to fitting so I can remove pedal! I'll worry about the fusebox at a later date
  16. Throttle pedal now mounted Wiring loom now being attacked! What a mess and my head hurts already!
  17. Few more bits done today Mk4 hydraulic clutch pedal assy in Brake pedal box modified and fitted All turbo related parts here now so just got to build up engine, prep engine bay and then the joyous job of sorting out the wiring ?
  18. A little update massive progress Found out this morning in a trial and error test fit to see if lupo outer cv joints fit mk4 golf driveshafts, guess what THEY DO ? So got cvs fitted then trial fit shafts, both way to long, take to local engineering comp and get them to cut them in half with a bandsaw, then refit and load up suspension, line up driveshafts and use jubilee clips to mark, take back to engineering comp, bandsaw again and a **** load of weld Modified original golf engine stabiliser to fit these brackets, not going to be any sway on this one
  19. Hi all, starting a new thread with pics. A word of warning if anyone is going to attempt this build make sure your either a qualified mechanic,skilled welder,naturally blessed at practical work and most of all patient! Basically if your going to use mk4 golf engine mounts and gearbox mounts there's alot of cutting and welding to do, I had to cut a massive chunk out of the o/s chassis leg to fit, next time I would do engine mount first as would of been easier to cut n/s chassis leg for gearbox mount. A good tip also is put the mounts on pissed as gives you better sump clearance and once stabili
  20. I've done a 1.8t audi awt engine which is same as aeb to a mk1 golf gti, I found the build easy as used 020 original gearbox and bought the engine mount, only extras needed are golf alternator carrier, tensioner and manifold the rest I used custom parts ie intercooler,intercooler pipes etc I'm currently doing a 1.8t in a lupo what the f**k have I let myself in for. Going to update some pics later
  21. Already have, doesn't list it under lupo but does under polo with same engine Thanks
  22. Few pics Amount of wires looks scary
  23. The build is getting started:- Engine Gearbox Ecu Loom Clutch pedal Gear cables Throttle pedal All removed from golf Started stripping lupo Dash out Wipers off Loom stripped back But now I'm getting stuck, I can't find any wiring diagrams for 1.0 lupo so I can splice looms together to get all the dash working! Hope someone can help please
  24. Does anybody know if the different coloured multi plugs under fusebox directly fit coordinating colours on lupo loom and work Rev count temp sens etc Thanks
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