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  1. Update for the thread incase anyone else has this problem they're just 66p each from vw
  2. Thanks thats a big help, annoyingly they're shut till Monday, and yeah I do need bushes, getting some of the brass bushes I seen recommended on here
  3. Does anyone have a part number/ some spare they'd sell me or know of anything similar dimensions to them i could use instead, previous owner removed them its annoying me wanna get it sorted Thanks
  4. jgee

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    The window won't go down, the whole window regulator is missing and replaced with a big chunk of wood lol gonna have a visit with the scrapie see if I can find one
  5. Man thats nice hope I can get mine looking that good one day
  6. jgee

    new here

    I just recently bought a lupo, a 1.4 Y plate 90k miles, its a brilliant little car with a lot of personality ive owned a 62 plate polo before it, but prefer this car. Been enjoying having a project to work on these forums have been very helpful so thought id join and say hello, the cars in great condition nothing wrong mechanically. Somebody has tried to break into it before and the passenger side door is bent at the top looks like he didn't have much luck. Anyways can't figure out pics on here so thanks guys for the great site
  7. Hi everyone, think this sites great been consulting the forums for lots of issues since I got my lupo, its the best car I've ever owned anyways I wondered if someone could help me? The previous owner has removed the pins from the check straps and the straps have recessed into the doors, got one out and put a bolt through it and it bangs loudly and is stiff when you use the door. I bought the brass loops off amazon from a guide on here but I need new pins for it or a similar fit item, anyone know were to find them? Another problem is the passenger side electric window don't work, I opened the panel and saw that the glass is held in place at the top by a block of wood lol, I found a window regulator before finding the wood but its a manual one could I fit it to this car in place of the electric window or is the cars bodywork in the way which I'm fearful of. Thanks in advance for any help
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