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    Lupo GTI, Red, heated leather mmmmm, Sunroof. Not been under the modders knife yet!!!
  1. Any more news? I am truly gripped by this project and was just wondering where your up to now. J style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":coffee:" border="0" alt="coffee.gif" />
  2. I really like this, are you planning to do anything else in terms of mods? Also just out of interest what do they cost over there?
  3. Sorry to but in here.... but how much do you want for the wheels mate. J
  4. How much dude? Any pic's? style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" />
  5. I think I have a clone of your car. My central locking every now and then decides to just not work (will not open the car) so I use my key.... and then 2 seconds later use the key fob and every thing works as normal. My bonnet release pull has gone twice since owning the car. And the timing tensioner went - was covered on the warranty thankfully though. And the coating on the wheels has started to crack quite badly. And despite all these problems I still love the car!!! J
  6. .....and me!!! I'm new to this thread, what a project can't wait to see it finished. Will you be keeping it more street sleeper or all out in ya face? Jamie
  7. Thanks Jen, I deffo want to go down the performance route. My plan is to keep the car looking mostly standard however uprating the engine and suspension setup. Want to surprise a few sports car owners at track days..... woo hoo!! I'm gonna start searching for related topics however if anyone can point me in the right direction i'd be very gratefull. Cheers guys and girls. Jamie
  8. I'm a newbie here - just read this entire thread, I have been gripped by what you have achieved and really want to know if you have succeeded in getting the car light as a feather and fast as f@@k!! Come back on here and give us an update. People like you inspire others. Keep up the good work and let us all know what your up to.
  9. I too have most of the problems listed. My starter moster has allways been noisy and the drivers window often stops half way up and then goes down by its self!! Neither bother me enough for me to get it checked out though. I have another problem my brake lights don't always work (all three) it's been into VW 3 times under warranty, every time they tell me the washer fluid has leaked into the wiring and shorted the electrics - is this a common fault?
  10. Hi there, don't know much about these, are they quick? certainly looks the part. The wheels are stunning.
  11. Thanks for the advise with the pictures guys. The random name is exactly that... random, I had to think of a long password for my collage computer - it knida grew on me! style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":rolleyes:" border="0" alt="rolleyes.gif" />
  12. This is my Lupo GTI. Although standard I still think it looks the muts nuts. border="0" class="linked-image" /> border="0" alt="" />
  13. Yeah i really want to get the car lower, stiffen it up a bit. Think i'll go for coil overs not sure what to go for but deffo want it to be adjustable if I change the wheels.
  14. Hi, found this site after searching the net for lupo stuff. Found this to be really informative and interesting. I've got a GTI in red with heated leather and sunroof. Had it bout a year now and am now ready to put it under the knife. The only thing i've done so far is put an induction kit on (raid) cheapo off ebay havent really noticed any performance gains but it does sound fantastic - i'd be interested to know what other people think about this kit. I'm thinking of going for the 1.8t conversion - does any one have any views on this pro's/cons? I've just had a quote for 7 grand for the full
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