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  1. ElliotC95

    ATS Cups

    hahaha "tim westwoods love child" ? whats that about lool, i wasnt planning on running the spacers aswell as the cups, but i was planning on lowering the arosa on coilovers but been put off after the price insurance have given me!:-/, thanks for the replies though
  2. ElliotC95

    ATS Cups

    Hi everyone, i'm new to this think i'm in the right area ha I have a seat arosa 1.0l 2001 mk2 and im looking to put it on some dishes! the car is standard at the moment standard wheels suspension etc... except it has 19mm rear spacers. I'm looking to euro the car ready for RTTS 2013;), the new wheels i am looking to buy are ATS Cups 15x7j et 28, am i going to be able to fit these straight to my arosa, without arch work any replies are appreciated:) Many Thanks, Elliot
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