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    Y reg lupo 1.0L. Renaultsport Clio 197.

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  1. radio came out metal headunit cage came out storage tray underneath unclipped torx screw at the far back of the hole comes out(where the stereo sits) two torx just inside the hole, left and right, came out entire centre console unclips at the top, pivots slightly towards you then all comes out upwards remove the hazard button etc etc you probably could just do it without the removing torx screws but not without compromising the plastic clips all around. from experience on my old clios, breaking plastic clips and trim is dangerously easy turns out it hasnt fixed the indicator. just seems like a bad connection on the actual stalk. put the old hazard back in. brand new hazard switch for sale - £10. RRP £23.
  2. is the button screwed in or just clipped to the back of the dash?
  3. http://s1352.photobucket.com/albums/q658/samax92/?action=view&current=image_zpsaa091f29.jpg just to clarify thats for this style of hazard? some shops and breakers thought it was a different style button (rectangle button with red triangle sticker)
  4. Hi everyone! My partner's lupo's indicator has been having some problems...intermittent to say the least. A new hazard button (with the indicator relay) is due tomorrow. Any ideas or advice before i start? Havent worked on her lupo yet except changing bulbs, does it pop out or dashboard off jobbie?
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