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    Up north- soon to be Kent (Relocating)
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    Animals and conservation, horse riding, travelling, cooking and my car :)

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    I am the proud owner of a shiny black 1.4s 16v Lupo, whom I have fondly named Lenny. Current mods: Sticker bomb to front grill sticker bomb in rear badge inserts Updated plates That's it so far, do to lack of dollar! Sorry if my car terms an use of wording are a bit off, I am still new to this :p Next plans are: *Debadge rear *tinted front indicators *new wheels- axe ex2's in red :D CANNOT WAIT! *LOWEERRRR...sadly I don't have much of a clue, so my boyfriend shall be doing this for me, just want my lupo looking smart, especially with his new wheels which I shall hopefully have by the end of March :) *replace ariel, for one of them short, stumpy, nicer looking ones (see, I said my wording was off...) *Have bonnet resprayed/ replaced- too tiny little stone chips :( *New interior- currently have grey seats, I want to go darker, ideally or black, or black with the red stripe down the middle (my old lupo had grey seats with the red stripes, should of kept them!) Lots of pics of my Lupo on Instagram- Miss_Abi88 http://instagram.com/p/V1uZoBDWL8/
  1. Saving for new wheels :D Axe Ex2's in red ohhh yeaaah!!

  2. Saving for new wheels :D Axe Ex2's in red ohhh yeaaah!!

  3. Love the red lupo, Shannon!! It is very shiny indeed, reminds me of the day I bought mine :-) I still haven't worked out how to upload pics either, I have photobucket but not sure how to get the pics from there onto here...It took me two weeks to figure out how to reduce the KB of my profile pic for it to upload- blonde moment! How are peoples lupo's handling in the snow? I get worried because I would hate to skid and dint it, so I drive along in 1st/ 2nd gear because my road is soo bad...
  4. Snows arrived in Sheffield...Looks like lupo has the weekend off :P

  5. Just fixed my freshly stickerbombed grill onto the lupo :-)

  6. Hello! My name is Abi, and I am the proud owner of a black 1.4s Lupo named Lenny :-) He is my second Lupo, and I have had him for 3 months now! No modifications (yet!) but I have recently stickerbombed his grill and rear VW badge! I am interested in gaining some Lupo knowledge and talking with other owners of these awesome little cars :-) ....I am unsure how to post a picture of my car :S
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