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  1. It's Andi.Dunston @ googlemail.com without the spaces
  2. Yeah, they are both the same car underneath dude.
  3. Thanks for that, collection set up for tomorrow. Its ended up costing £9.00 more than quoted because the insurance was quoted at £500 not £600. When I paid for the first collection yesterday I got an email offer saying that they would give me £10 if I prepay £100 into the account so that has covered that. Just waiting on E-mail, and phone number for Unora now. Could you try to send me an email tonight with it, as early as possible please so it can be collected tomorrow. Thanks.
  4. Had to wake her up at 1am Both Japan diffs are with Pete, insurance is a head ache with the two of them... Diff on route to Taiwan, was collected this morning should take 3 days. A further hour at work today with the courier trying to get his bloody machine to understand where Taipei is! Pete has received the Paypal payment, so I'll get both the French and Spanish collected tomorrow then that shouldbe all. You know the next time I hear someone complain they can't get a fancy part for a car I don't even bloody own I'm keeping my mouth shut! Hope you all have fun. Can't believe no one has fitted one yet!
  5. Commercial Invoice produced. Hopefully it'll get through without you getting stung for import duty. I should right now be in bed, but I'm off to meet Pete at the motorway with the diffs for Tada. Dude, I was on a promise tonight too..
  6. Collection is booked for tomorrow, should be with you in 3 working days.. although I see from your earlier email its already tomorrow there... erm.. today.
  7. Unora could you please email me a contact phone number, email address and a postal code or zip code for the courier please.
  8. Replied. Please use my email address for any responses, I can not get onto the forum easily.
  9. blupogti. My account was credited on the 6th May, I'll check with Pete to see if they all have to be collected by the currier at the same time, or if they can go separately. If they can go separately I will take it to work with me tomorrow. Unora I will check again at the bank tomorrow dude. ttttada Sorry about missing your request about paypal, the e-mail notification I received from the forum was replied to on the 8th rather than forward to Pete to see if you could use his Paypal. I found yesterday he hadn't received it. I do not have a paypal account, and unfortunately to set one up requires paypal to make two small confirmed payments into my bank before it is active. This would take too long to set up I'm afraid. Guillaume Do you want to e-mail the contact details of Performance Unlimited should you still wish to go down the previous suggestion. Are they a a trusted company to hand over the diff to? Again I must appologise to have let you down with this, I have commitments in my work and home life which must come first. When this was started I agreed I would handle the cash on this, but as I am sure you are aware these things are never as simple as you expect. I should add I have not made a single penny for this, I wish things had gone a little more smoothly but unfortunately life doesn't work out that way. I will get the details of the carriage company off Pete as I do not know the full details and make the payments. Guys should you need me, please send me an e-mail as I do not get on the forum as it is blocked at work but I have access to my e-mail at all times. My address is andi.dunston @ googlemail.com (without the spaces)
  10. Guys I've just got on the web to try and sort this out. The parcel company we planned on using is currently not doing any international deliveries. This company was chosen because they were cheap, and they sorted out the shipping invoice that is required for the deliveries out to the countries outside of the EU. I do not have the faintest idea how you set up this shipping invoices, and the cheapest prices I have received are over £140 more than I currently have from you. On top of this price problem on the carriage, I am still £126.15 out of pocket from the sale of the diff's. As it stands I am trying to find a way to get the price of the deliveries down so I can try and re coop my losses. I understand this has been going on far too long, but unfortunately I have had priorities at home that have taken up all of my time these past few months.
  11. Any day is good for me mate. Its dry up here in case you wanna bring some relaxation with you You know you want one
  12. Pleased Quaife sorted you out with your 085 too mate.
  13. Happy Quaife day mate! Yeah, I have The address, I will confirm them with you all before they are sent.
  14. Massive thanks to Pete for collecting them, and to Quaife for being so flexible. I can't wait for my passenger ride in the Worlds first Quaife controlled Lupo GTI. Gutted I don't own one, tempted buying a ****ter just to get one in and on the track! Massive thanks to everyone involved. Going to make a start trying organising all the deliveries, this is going to be pretty complicated so please give me a few days. Kam give me a call regarding the invoice, it's not as straight forward as your request.
  15. Not yet mate, he's having to check with someone. He did the previous 085's as a favour. Will text when I know. Fingers crossed!
  16. Sorry mate, been chatting to him via text. That's the ten we was looking for
  17. can you get to a barcleys bank and hand the cash over the counter? If so send me a text with your number and I'll give you a call with the bank details.
  18. It's not £60 as the VAT ha gone up, it'll be about £75 but to be honest this wasn't about grabbing a bargin. Quaife had no intention of making a Lupo GTI diff. That was the aim!
  19. With the VAT increase they are £601.80 if collecting, I've not got the price for delivery yet but I would expect it costing no more than £15 or so in the UK. The dude we've been dealing with at quaife is back in work tomorrow so I'll be paying the invoice tomorrow so you'll need to work fast! My number is 07841 649122 I can not get to my PMs on this mobile version of the forum so if you want to go ahead give me a call and we'll go through payment details. Twisty, your very welcome.
  20. Gonna get them delivered to Petes as they have his gearbox still. Are you wanting to collect mate? It can either be in Peterborough or Doncaster if you do. If you can add the cash on Monday into my account we can still do you one. After monday I'm afraid you'll need to wait for quaife to retail them.
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