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  1. Hahaha Ray.

    Dudes, I'm still around. Just not got much forum time these days, I write so much at work its not much fun after work!

    Car hasn't move along for a couple of years since we swapped the engine out again.

    It will be ready for wiring and mapping by the end of next year though.

  2. I wonder if the port spacing is weird on the AFH head as well? I should be getting the head next week.

    Yes mate, I'm afraid it is.

    Yes, I got the diff installed last summer. Thanks to everyone (including you, of course) in the group buy!!

    Mine's in, but the car isn't running yet.

    How big a difference is it over standard?

  3. 45mm would be fine for the 1.6, I plumbed for 40mm but if you are looking for a 8k monster 45mm would be ideal.

    Inlet ports are a little weird on the Loop, 30mm spacing between 1+2 and 3+4 but only 20mm between 2+3

    Direct to head is out of the question.

    Did you get the diff installed?

  4. Normally they can't cope with how far people try to push them, especially when shoved in a parcel shelf with a sub underneath.

    None of that is the speakers fault.

    Fitting a pair of 6x9s into the rear panels at the side of the rear seat is one of the best things you could do for Lupo audio.

    Nothing wrong with the speakers, just need to make sure they are fitted correctly in a good location.

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