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  1. 13 minutes ago, mk2 said:

    Oops. Wall?

    So you'll need a new door and someone good at getting dents out. Fixable, but a fair bit of work. Maybe 20h work and about £250 in bits.

    Nooo, Range Rover didn't give way on a roundabout, still sore now.

    Car was wrote off, but luckily after a few months I get it back tomorrow 



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  2. On 6/9/2019 at 10:35 PM, CLAYTONJONES said:

    We popped to Mexico for the day 👍🏼 


    Yeah i have, made a nice different with the headwork and map

    What's fuel economy like with all the mods?  Keep thinking about cams, but the car is still a daily so not sure if it's worth waiting until it becomes a second car.

  3. 12 hours ago, Skajme said:

    Alright mate. Do you have the scuttle panel, and if so is the clip that slots into the windscreen intact all the way along?

    Actually need that bit for my blue one as mine is all cracked, sorry!

    48 minutes ago, Rich said:

    Where in the north west?

    Leigh, WN7

  4. 11 hours ago, danno said:

    Dash doesn’t have to come out but you do have to remove some lower plastic pieces and loosen the dash slightly. Thin arms will make it easier but it’s still a major fanny on. I took my wing off to replace my hinges because my triple square but was too long. 

    I’d rather rest a gearbox on my head, I’ve done it and it was bad. That’s how much I hated doing this.



    Well I have fat arms, so this isn't going to be fun.

    I imagine it may be one of these jobs I'll put off until the door physically falls off 

  5. Hi all,

    Both hinges and check strap on my driver's door have failed, the door will physically lift off and will go all the way back of the wind catches it.

    Question is, can the hinges be repaired or is it a case of completely replacing them?  And if they need to be replaced, does the dash have to come out?

    Any help/advice appreciated.  I LPf anyone has done this before in the North West and doesn't mind helping, I'll pay in beer tokens 😂.

  6. Well it's definitely not as flashy as it once was, but it's still going strong, albeit the bodywork needs a bit of TLC.  Hopefully it will get a lick of paint and an OEM+ look in the future, but the plus side is considering it is now on moon miles, it still drives mint and is being driven daily 😊


  7. Going to begin breaking my moon silver GTI next week, so thought I'd stick the advert up to gauge interest.  Prices below, if the part isn't listed, pop me a message and I'll see if it's ok and get a price.

    Following parts not for sale/sold:
    -Upper front and rear door cards
    -Rear beam


    For sale:
    -Headlining with mirrors/handles £130
    -Headlights £200
    -High beams £60
    -Grill £40
    -Passenger door £60
    -Drivers door £60
    -Drivers mirror £30
    -Alloys in good condition, anthracite, decent tyres £190
    -Boot £40
    -Spoiler £110
    -Cambridge rear lights £80
    -Wind deflectors £15
    -Bonnet, slight dent in side £60
    -Steering wheel and airbag £20
    -Lower front door cards £40
    -Heater dials none AC £10
    -6 speed gearbox £250
    -Red seat belts, need a clean £60
    -GTI clocks £30
    -GTI clock cover £30
    -Rear GTi bumper £60
    -KW Coilovers (from a normal Lupo but seemed fine on a GTI) £300


    Any other bits you might need, pop me a message.

    Parts to be collected from Leigh.






  8. Yep 15inch will fit fine, just check the offset and width are ok so they don't rub/poke and also tyre size.  I run 7j with 195/45/15, on narrower wheels 195/50/15 can rub such as on the GTI Bathurst wheels.

    There's a few good websites too for checking the difference in offset, width and rolling radius against your old wheels, just Google offset difference calculator.

  9. If you want component, they come with crossover, so the feed will come from the former door speaker, then split the signal to high/low, so you will need to run new wires to the tweeters and possibly the door depending where you mount the crossovers, the old tweeter wiring won't be required.

    Alpine do a good budget range, there's no point spending too much unless you're amping the speakers.

    Decent coaxial speakers can be good too and you can retain the OEM dash tweeters.

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