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  1. Thanks Skezza, I found a set of clocks from the same vehicle and year, swapped them today and it works now, had to clear some codes but seems good so after after a 20 mile trip Nice not to have to use the sat nav to know what speed I'm doing
  2. Thanks, I'll have a poke around and see what I can measure. I was told that speedo unit can be swapped from same model and year because it has a separate imobiliser so if I can find one at the right price I will try it. When I open the door I don't get the lights switch illuminated if that's what you mean, never did, I can hear the fuel pump buzz briefly though.
  3. Thanks for the reply Don't know what you mean by this^^^? Car drives just fine and everything else works, clock works and LCD odometer displays (* although does not increase) so I'm thinking the cluster must have power.
  4. I had a search but could not find anything, hard to know what to search on. The speedo and rev counter ( I call them clocks ?) have stopped working on my 2001 1.0MPI Odometer is not moving but displays, I don't think any dash lights work, when I turn on ignition I expect to see oil and battery light before starting but don't, fuel and temperature gauges don't work, time clock is working. The same day it didn't want to start, all the lights but no movement of starter motor, tried a few times then it started, then an hour or two later this happens, may not be related but maybe.
  5. Hi, hoping one of you experts can help me. I have had the 1.0 loop for a few months now and done 5K miles ( now 97K), Soon after getting it I noticed it was hard to get in reverse and the pedal had dropped so read up on here it was probably the pedal box. Checked it and yes it was. So I had that replaced and all was good. I had noticed the clutch seemed to be heaviver when crawling in traffic on my way home but didn't really pay attention. Now a week ago I felt somthing give and started to get a click when I pressed the clutch, this dosen't happen cold only once warm, Yesterday the clutch cabl
  6. itchyfeet

    Hi all

    Hi Photo needs to be on photobucket http://forums.clublu...showtopic=51178
  7. That pic was in Longdown but I'm in Freemental
  8. Hi Bought a Lupo a couple of months ago Have been fixing it up, brakes were shot as it's been standing for a while. Also had problems with getting gears and thanks to posts on this forum I found it was the pedal box that was cracked so had to replace that also. Sneaked a quick pic this afternoon in the New forest. Not new to VW's but am new to Lupo's so this looks like a great place to learn. cheers Paul
  9. Cheers for the replies, I have asked for a price
  10. Hi Had my 1.0MPI 2001 lupo for a month or so now and just getting on top of the important things first including changing the pedal box , new brakes , cam belt etc, I have noticed there is no sound insualtion on the bonnet, is this normal or has it been removed? Anybody got any ideas where I can get it from, I can buy the material but would be easier to get a proper one. Will get some pics up soon. thanks Paul
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