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  1. When i dropped something down my heater vent on the passenger side i looked in to find it, it took me a minute to realise shouldn't i have an airbag? I thought that lettering on the little badge that says "airbag" had just been rubbed off haha
  2. i don't even know what i felt when it happened i wasnt even issed off that night i was just worried that it was properly broken and i think me and the other guy in the car would have broke his nose if the girl was still in the car which we dropped off literally down the road from where we crashed. and i have both windows working in this one
  3. hey guys my friend decided it would be a good idea to rip my handbrake up, the end result was the car spun out and into a tree/hedge. the damage was estimated at £1200 area so he agreed to just buy another loop i found. first here is pictures of my old car before and after damage. the scrapes i left at the scene :| but yeah here is the new lupo second day i had her coilovers went on just need a large inverter and i can do such things as hook my xbox up to my head unit starting to get very heavy on the cleaning side now, just dreading winter Hope you guys like it so far
  4. anyone off to this? Humber bridge car park 27th october. just a heads up parking was terrible last year so get there early or whatever haha more detals are on www.uniqueautomotive.co.uk
  5. ah right cheers ill start shopping around then
  6. but yeah we managed to get my window to work somehow but it doesnt anymore so i think i need either a motor or regulator so i can put my wind deflectors in and use a drive thru properly
  7. just a couple aha i wasnt that pissed off when he started wailing into me with his fist but i was raging as soon as someone touched my car! just as i got her looking better aswell
  8. boot damage: rear quater hard to see but they are deep :/ oooft yes
  9. its cheaper for me to buy a new boot than get it sprayed but the cheapest quote for my back quater was £150 :/
  10. oh they are carbon fibre centres at the moment so its not all bad
  11. Im running 195/45/15 on toyo tr-1's i will do but the other night some absolute tool keyed my car down to the primer and wrote TW@ in my back panel so im getting that resprayed first and cheers Koop!
  12. FINALLY got lows!! I ordered some JOMS from venom and they came in a couple of days bit tedious as i managed to break one of my spring compressors so i just bought some new top mounts, but here it is rollin' on steels Then put my RXII's on and it is looking sweeet Let me know what you guys think
  13. Looks great man, saw you on the bridge near tesco the other week looked fresh
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