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    Cars, Racing, Beer, Heavy Metal, Hooters, Chuck Testa, Jenna Marbles and Charlie Sheen.

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  1. Coxy13

    Loki Lupo

    Not as good as the other Lupo I looked at before this one, the other one was FFS lol
  2. Coxy13

    Loki Lupo

    Yaaaay after having his clutch and pedals replaced Loki Lupo is coming home today Can't wait to get my mean machine back
  3. Coxy13

    Loki Lupo

    Yeah Paolo Punto was amazing to drive, a complete attention seeker he was always had strangers come and talk to me, 9/10 friendly but you always get the odd one lol It has been quite an adjustment the last four weeks driving my Dad's Wife's '03 Fiesta, one because it is utter garbage to drive and two getting used to no one looking at my car haha No crazy plans for this although I have put my leopard seat covers in Loki Lupo and a few bits I had in Paolo and it seems all to familiar haha Looking forward to getting him back though
  4. Coxy13

    Loki Lupo

    Loki Lupo is in the garage...won't get it back till thurs or fri now We had a good clear run last night and fit a 1L engine I was totally shocked at how much power it has and how much it still wanted to give!! Can't wait to get him back...again! Lol Myself and Chris managed to take the butchered sound system out the the berk who owned him before out and measure the dimensions, also got some ideas together on how to design this boot build over a Domino's pizza and cookies Got my seat covers on the front seats but not on the back as they need modding as the seats are too small lol!! Anyway as updates go this was a pretty quiet one, will update pics when at work on laptop tonight Wreeeey nothing like a Local Shame your clutch went too lol!! Seems a common fault
  5. Coxy13

    Loki Lupo

    Picked the Loki beast up last night, although I have a sneaking suspicion that the dealer bodged the clutch enough to get it home so me and my friend Chris are having a 'man' day consisting of car fixing and boot building with maybe a large pepperoni Domino's thrown in Will update later with pics
  6. Love it, Love the stickers too get more more more Can't wait to see it properly on Thursday
  7. Coxy13

    Loki Lupo

    Yeah I am coming along on Thurs Yeah, Portsmouth, Metal and Cars, my 3 favourite things xx
  8. I only have 2 tattoo's, my first one is of Jerry Mouse on my hip, and the second is a cupcake and crossbones on my left inside ankle which I had done in aid of Help for Heroes, myself and a few mates had them done in memory of a close friend.
  9. Yep, I shall keep all posted on Loki's thread Wreeeeey we shall be Lupo twins I'll be getting mine at about the same time
  10. Cheers guys, haters be haters!! Like I said in the earlier comments, I posted it here for the guys who messaged me to see the pics and as my other thread was about my new Lupo I didn't wanna clog it up with Punto pictures... Yeah the crash comment was out of order especially since I got hurt, but there you go :/ No ratting of my new purchase, it's gonna be clean and mean
  11. Hahahahaha love it!! I loved that little rape machine Picking up Loki Lupo today woooo hooo!! Soo excited
  12. I wasn't expecting my Punto to be everyone's taste but he was my car and I loved him. I purely posted pics here because I've been asked for pictures and received messages about seeing pics but didn't want to clog my other thread up, so here they are. Yeah bad impression ain't far wrong... It might be a heap of junk to you lot but to me it was something special. I don't go on your threads and criticise your cars, because lets face it a lot of them aren't to my taste. There was a phrase I learnt when I was a kid: "If you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all."
  13. Hey!! Yeah thanks I hope so too!! Excitement is not even the word!! Our first proper drive will be tomorrow evening a whole 2 hours from Essex to Portsmouth so should give us time to get aquainted xx
  14. Coxy13

    Loki Lupo

    Tint the back windows, smooth it over, get it low and some nice wheels, not original I know but something clean and simple, complete opposite of my last car
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