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  1. Any one know if you Can fit Golf 1.9 tdi injectors to a lupo 1.4 tdi?
  2. Right i have put a massive hole in my lupo 1.4TDI sump and i want to know will any lupo sump fit? Need to know asap please, thankyou.
  3. What air filter or induction kit will fit on my 1.4 tdi lupo, need help as i bought a piper cross panel filter and it does not fit:( Thankyou
  4. Could any one please tell me a good site buy cheap-ish dished rims , size 15" thankyou?
  5. Cheers everyone! I dont know what to do, i think ill just try it out and if all fails ill sell them!
  6. Im just going to sell my 13" wheels and buy 14" instead, so much hastle! Thanks anyway guys
  7. I Just bought coil overs and the max is 80 , so would that be low enough or would i still have alot of arch gap?
  8. Does anyone know or could anyone advise me how low ill have to go with my 13 inch dished wheels for my lupo , need help asap Thanks.
  9. Okay no worries, thanks both
  10. Haha, so i cannot just put it straight on there?
  11. Could some one please tell me if a lupo gti grille would fit on my lupo tdi??!
  12. Does any one have or know anyone who has a: LUPO GTI SPOILER for sale please contact me on here or text me if so... Thank you, Owen.
  13. does gti spoiler fit a lupo TDI by any chance ??
  14. oh dont they :/ okay ill see what im going to do x
  15. Anyone selling Lupo GTI: -SideSkirts -Front& Rear bumpers -Spoiler please message me if you are or you know where i can get these !! Thankyou.
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