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  1. Ye renault is 60.1 from my memory cheers lads!
  2. :S hmmm ok dokey il take a looksie must a had some crap built up round it then, what is the vw centre? 57.1 rings a bell in my head...
  3. Hey everyone got some bmw e30 alloys to go on the arosa, thought these were straight fit but when i went to fit em seemed the centre bore on the wheels was to small..anyone encountered this? And got some renault steelies i was gonna use, do these fit?? Cheers lads!
  4. Interesting, appears i cant go wrong either way which is good! Doesnt really help with ma desicion tho, i can see a coin flip approaching...
  5. Hey all. Got some 15" e30 alloys for the arosa. Its a silver car so gonna get the alloys refurbed in either deep purple or bright blue just torn between the two so thought id ask some opinions, folk are welcome to put their own ideas in put iv been through many already and its just these two colours that keep popping back in my head lol
  6. Hmmm damn it, i know its defo a low offset but unsure exactly, 24 does ring a bell tbh! wanted to get the wheels collected n taken for powdering n tyres whilst im away the now working down south, have em ready for me goin back ah well just have to wait n see when im home but aint riskin it until iv trial fitted em dont fancy wastin time n money if they aint no use
  7. Hey, quick question does a mk2 arosa require arch rolliing in order to fit 7j alloys. Cant remember the offset from top of my head theyr 15" bbs bmw e30 cross spokes. I will likely be using 195 45 or 175 50 tyres with them and car will be low on coilovers. Just trying to get an idea of what i require done before starting the work! I need to know before i refurb and re-tyre the wheels, they will be going on at the same time i fit my coilies so i dont want to then discover my freshly refurbeed and newly tyred wheels are no use
  8. How much posted then? Brand, mm left?
  9. Would u post at buyers expense?
  10. woohoo, went to the scrappies the day got myself some 15" steelies and also came home with these Test fitted them to ma mates slammed corsa c van...
  11. Oh aye im fine in fitting coilies, done numerous cars before including my mk1 clios (torsion bars ) just getting time, usually dark by the time i get home from work, play rugby on a saturday and away this sunday so could be a while before i get round to fitting a set!
  12. what kind of coilies, will they fit a 1.0 arosa?
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