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    Silver lupo Gti :)
  1. G16RYL


    Got a set of ats cups in mint con with al most new proxy t1r s on them
  2. G16RYL

    Lupo Gti

    Am just selling them with tyres mate there are al most new give me a text and wee could work something out
  3. G16RYL

    Lupo Gti

    wheels are for sale yeah mate, the full car has been sold now
  4. Car now sold has went to a good home thanks all the mess and that glad it going to some who will look after her
  5. Posted some more pic up got the engaine bay too http://m1246.photobucket.com/profile/g16ryl
  6. Need this going by the weekend offers more than welcome but not silly one
  7. hey hey think it had a bump at the front left in 2010 by the pervious owner, no rust or dents what to ever, does not have a petal box, just have a new clutch at new year , was cos the central looking was not work got that sorted tho new fob from verve yesurday, usually take 3 weeks but a can send al the docs ? And give you a receipt wee both can sign
  8. Got a nice Gti at 2000 ? If your intrested ?
  9. Manage to get time to clean the car, here is some more pic thanks gary http://m1246.photobucket.com/profile/g16ryl
  10. Yeah fair bit down lol did not relies it was what far n a would have meet you
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