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    lupo 1.4 16v black

    breaking lupo 1.4 16v everything available engine gearbox all great bodywork not so great PM for prices or whole car available in one piece for £200 no less location - Bedford
  2. performancevw

    Remote Central Locking

    hi could you tell which wire does what as i have bought the same brand with same wiring colours but just dont know which wire to connect where. cheers
  3. performancevw

    2002 Lupo 1.4 16v Red 2 Owners

    2002 VW Lupo 1.4 16v, 110,000 Miles, Red, MOT ends January 2017, Can Put 12 Months MOT for £50 extra, Power Steering, Totally Standard, 2 Owners, Partial Service History, 2 Keys, Bodywork Okay For Age/Mileage, Some Lacquer Peeling on Bonnet, Age Related Marks Here and There, Best To Come And Have A Look And Decide, Starts/Drives Nicely, Due For Service According To Service Indicator, Could Do With New Clutch Cable, Engine Gearbox Clutch Brakes All Great, Car Located In Bedford, Price £350
  4. performancevw

    red front and rear bumper and bonnet LP3G

    Hi wanted front and rear bumper for lupo and also bonnet, all in LP3G, Thanks
  5. performancevw

    AHW engine 84000 miles lupo polo

    hi got an engine for sale for polo lupo, engine code AHW, works nicely and 84000 miles got service history etc, £200 cash heres my ebay link to all the parts that may be of some use to someone http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131547146965?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  6. performancevw

    lupo tappets noisy

    hi guy just wondering if - (1)15w40 would be okay to use on AHW 1.4 16v as tappets are noisy. previous owner did oil flush and oil change but i dont know what grade he used. (2) also are there any rocker cover gasket fitted on this engine or is it just a sealent as engine also leaks oil a tiny amount from the rocker cover. (3) what about the sump? is there any gasket fitted there too? Cheers
  7. hi where is the egr valve located on 1.0 lupo got 16785 code (exhaust gas recirculation flow insufficient) if you can post a picture that would help as i got no clue cheers
  8. performancevw

    EGR Valve location on 1.0 lupo

    cheers dude i do believe thats the one.
  9. For sale are my 13 Inch 4x100 RSL CULT MOHAG deep dish wheels These wheels are not real split rims, they are only immitation so you can drive without those little bolts 4x100 Stud Fitment 63.3mm Center Hole, I do have 2 spigot rings to fit 57.1mm I will get another two Fronts are 7J (ET 26) with 165 55 13 in used yet good condition tyres Rears are 8J (ET 20) with 165 55 13 in used yet excellent condition tyres All 4 wheels either need a refurb or atleast a good quality polish to bring the shine back All 4 wheels have some minor kerb marks and rash on the outer lips but no damage or chunk missing NO center caps and no split imitation bolts Wheels are located in Bedford. Cash wise I am after £995 or very nearest offer IF YOU WANT IT SWAP THEN I WILL ONLY SWAP THESE WHEELS WITH A 1.0 OR 1.4 LUPO OR MK1 GOLF IN GOOD CONDITION WITH GOOD ENGINE AND GEARBOX. APART FROM A LUPO/MK1 GOLF I WONT BE INTERESTED IN ANYTHING ELSE Cheers
  10. spotted a green lupo very clean, lowered, red center rims with silver/chrome outer dish, illeast sticker on rear windscreen on right hand side bottom corner, looked very nice.

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