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    lupo 1.4 16v waiting to be Modified
  1. lupo gold

    Rust on Roof

    wolverhapmton will fix was great staff there talked me though the process and was arranged with in a week, and was done for FREE willenhall coach craft will not, phoned 4 times and went to the place to no one will take notice of wat i asked only seemed bothered about selling me a new car and the parts department man is just the same a grump over the phone and just as bad talking face to face
  2. lupo gold

    do polo 2001 - 2005 head lights fit lupo 1.4 16v

    from wat i have scene they are one unit from the polo year make 2001 to 2005 the head lights fit perfect but the "side light" is much larger than the indicator fitted as standard, this may be option for me me in the future once i have the capital to do the modifactions i want, up to yet i have fitted new suspension 40mm lower and am now saving for the the following body kit change of colour to ford rs green or rs orange not sure yet and then the tricky engine swop hopefuly be done for £3000.
  3. lupo gold

    do polo 2001 - 2005 head lights fit lupo 1.4 16v

    i think i may try it out and see if not i can always put them on ebay again, i know a auto eclectrian too so may try a whole cnoversion if he can sort it out ill let u know and post pictures ifit works out for me
  4. hey all does any one know if the head lights off a polo (years date 2001 to 2005) fit the lupo as there availvible for £55 a light compared to gti lupo lights which i sourced for £300 + for one, as im tryin to up grade my car, also is there engines that fit the lupo easy i was looking at a polo again 1.9 tdi but have no ideas so need help please

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