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  1. ponnyj

    PonnyJ's Bora

    well the fact that the coilovers are all seized and its so low that it wont fit on the brake rollers, one of the inner cv's is completely shot and as the inner is part of the shaft thats £170 just to get a new one. exhaust is blowing in a few places, the front bumper was barely attached, there is a repeating fault with the abs too. all those pics are from good angles, there is some damage on the the front and rear bumpers and the front wings need attention too. :/
  2. ponnyj

    PonnyJ's Bora

    Unfortunately there is alot wrong with it that i wasnt told about when i got it. it'll be off the road for a week before the mot while i save money to sort everything out.
  3. ponnyj

    PonnyJ's Bora

    Wanting to refurb the wheels at some point and have an interesting colour that i will then continue to tie in on other aspects of the car. nothing too bright or garish though.
  4. Well heres my Bora, Swapped it for my Lupo GTI as i was spending faaaar too much on fuel and with work being a bit hit or miss at the moment i needed something cheaper to run, tax ETC. Please bare with me as this is c+pasted from e38. Heres how it looked when i first got it Obviously with it being a highline its got the full leather, heated fronts, cruise control, rear parking sensors, stuff like that its also on coilovers and fully polybushed First task when i got it was just to give it a good clean, it had been a daily/ family car. Its now had a full clean and a hit with my mates DAS-6 DA, some black hole and some megs wax. I also was on the lookout for some new wheels for it as even though the monza's looked alright on it they aren't really to my taste. So after a trip up to Edinburgh I got hold of these Thats how it stands so far, updates will no doubt be slow and steady, there are some little bits of paint that i'm wanting sorted out but for the moment i'll just be getting used. its no show car by a long shot but it does what i need and looks half decent the majority of the time so i'm happy enough. Heres a couple more pics i got last night after the car had a good clean
  5. some pics from when i was at silverstone last weekend, was down with the msa superkart lads. was a good weekend even though it was bloody cold http://teamturtleuk.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/silverstone-5th-may-msa-superkarts-and-more/
  6. cheers guys, i wasnt sure on the wheels when i first got the car but they are growing on me, still would like to put some decent et splits on though
  7. http://teamturtleuk.wordpress.com/2012/05/04/jonnys-bora-tdi/ linky to some pics
  8. I've got hold of a bora tdi highline. heated leathers, cruise control, etc. mapped to 180 and 300lb/ft ish. coilovers, polybushed.
  9. Well the lupo has now gone to its new home down in peterlee
  10. Hey guys just thought i'd share some pics from last weekend when a couple of friends and I went down to the Pirelli Rally Village at Carlisle racecourse. http://teamturtleuk.wordpress.com/2012/04/28/pirelli-rally-village-the-modern-stuff/ http://teamturtleuk.wordpress.com/2012/04/29/pirelli-rally-village-part-2-old-school/
  11. Price dropped on my advert and car will come with 6months tax. hate to say this but i need it to go I'll miss it
  12. Slightly dis-heartened with how little interest the car is having. on here and other forums. bit of a pig that PH aint free anymore
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