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  1. got all sorted went and bout an amp wiring kit. thanks for all your help
  2. Right thats good to know. What would be the best thing to bolt it too? And is there any recomended passages to run wiring from under the bonnet and into the car?
  3. I had a cig connector that run from the lighter and into red/black. At first i was only wiring all up for something to do and not long term but now i have changed my mind. the earth wire, as you say should run to a stripped part of metal. Is there any recommendations where to connect this? and how? would it be with tape or a solder of some sort? thanks for this by the way!
  4. Interesting! I am running a black/red from my cigarette lighter and my blue wire from the back of the cd player to act as a remote. just to confirm, i am checking the blue wire and possibly replacing it?
  5. thats the thing though, i have run audio from a different source into each of the amps and still nothing. i to my knowledge have tried EVERYTHING! and i am rather pissed off
  6. this has my head turned inside out!! I have a full range 500 watt speaker in the boot of my car, I was using a 500 watt amp to run it (which was working great). All of a sudden a couple of weeks ago it stopped working. I though it was the amp that had blew but the power light was still glowing. i tried a different speaker but still no output. since then i have, Tried 3 different amps, (500watt & 1000watt) yes on mono! Tried 2 different speakers, (which are working with non car amps), Tried different phono cables, Tried outputting from sources other than the car cd player, Tried wiring the speaker directly to the amp without using a cable to connect both, Checked fuses on the amps. The other car speakers are working fine running straight from the cd player without the amp. I can't think of another solution other than admitting defeat :/ can anyone think of any ideas?? thanks in advance!
  7. my roof is checkered so the wing mirrors are going check also.
  8. little bit of personal touch, i liked the whole idea of sticker bombing but i never liked all the multi colours. I decided to get a couple of hundred vw stickers printed. Took a bit of time to cut all out but think it looks great well happy! will get photos up of them on the car tomorrow, its too dark to take photos now.
  9. at least someone understands having a bit of fun. I didn't really want to build it in more as i wanted it to be set in and out. I suppose the corners could be rounded but its at a friends at the minute. Hes putting a top and bottom on it. think i will put the felt on it on thursday. i will upload pics when its done. mabie it will look less boxy.
  10. as i said in another thread, i picked everything up for free, myself and a few mates wanted to do this for a laugh. get a few photos etc. i also said it wouldn't be staying too long, im not one for driving around my music up loud.
  11. We laughed about this the other day too lol, there is some sound out of it but i will never be turned up to that extent
  12. free sub, free box build, easily removed. bit of fun, how do u justify gay richard rainbow?
  13. not finished obviously it still needs felted etc but this is what she looks like.... what do yous think?
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