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  1. I have my lupo gti for sale, it is on ebay at the moment, i havnt a clue how put the link on here but the item number is 224121410186, apologies if this is not allowed,
  2. As title, does anyone have a spare headlight washer cover from the front bumper., passenger side, some scrote stole mine. pref in silver. i want to sell the car but cant till i sort this.
  3. yes they were NKG platinums , as for the low compresion im now thinking the worst and a burnt valve,
  4. havnt a clue what they were, i rang my local motor factors, gave them the reg and they gave me the plugs, ive just had a call from my mechanic to say he just did a pressure test on it and its coming up as low on one cylinder, could the coil pack do this ???
  5. Hi all, i recently bought a 2003 1.0 arosa from an auction, its a very pretty car but has a got a problem, on tick over there is a misfire, i lifted the bonnet to see a spark from the coil pack to the lead so i replaced the leads, then the plugs, but it still misfires on tickover, it drives first class, no hesitation, bunny hopping etc, it cant be the coil pack as it would miss underload, it only does it on idle, any ideas guys., im flumped, thanks in advance
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