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  1. just got my new wheels for the lupo had to have these adaptors mad up to get them to fit ... I will post some pics up of my wheels when they are all finished lots more stuff to come, so keep your eye out ... Hope to see you all at the shows theis year !!!!
  2. Had to sell the steffens as they didnt fit over mt brakes before they where sold ...sad day for me..
  3. And bang!! the engine died at 139000 miles time for a swap.. Brought a polo gtiengine,gearbox,loom,clocks,ecu,brakes,and wll the other litlle bits to go with it ... The engine has just had a cambeltchange and new gearbox, the engine is on 57000 miles and has full service history!! Lets get it in !!! Engine in and ready to to .. The dreaded wiring :/
  4. Added abit of colour to thesteffens.... These are pics from just before edition 38 2012 ... At edition 38...
  5. And now i have got oem badges andanother set of wheels
  6. And then ...... Got new wheels !!!!! Sprayed them in vw candy white ..... Fitting cambridge lights
  7. went to a scrapy and found a scraped lupo tdi with all black interior and picked the whole lupo interior up forĀ£70.. palstics,seats,cup-holders pretty much everthing for the inside of the car... so decided to get rid of the red and black and go with all black tdi seats
  8. The wheels where curbed and buckled so i got myself some vw teardrops till i sorted out some better wheels Time for some colour on the wheels...
  9. Hi there, here is my 1l lupo E. I bought it about 2 years ago, bit of a late build thead but ill start from when i first got it i bought the car on 117000 miles :/ but it was still a good little runner the car come on ats classic 7x13s all round, and ta technics coilovers .... Here are a few pics from when i first got it ....
  10. I live in a village just off of haverhill !! And there are 6 of us all with lupos ill be well up for a meet
  11. I have got a 1l lupo and the engine has seen its days really !! So I have just picked up myself a 1.6 16v polo gti engine to go in anybody know what I have got to do and is there anything I have to change ?? Or no of anybody that has done this swap ?? Cheers
  12. No someone smashed my rear light so it was just taped on but the rubbers have fell out or missing .
  13. Ite dudes I've just brought Cambridge lights went to go and fit them ant the 2 locating rubber fixings are missing missing does anybody know what they are called or where I can get them ?? Cheers
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