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  1. neil20vtc

    Hazard switch

    Fitted new stalks still doing it everything works fine after having the fuse out then when you lock the car after a run the pass side indicator lights stay on Could it be something do with the comfort module or whatever it's called under the pass seat
  2. neil20vtc

    Hazard switch

    Well fitted the new hazard switch and it's still the same works at first but after a drive the pass side indicators stay on solid I'l try some different stalks next thanks for the advice
  3. neil20vtc

    Hazard switch

    Well got one coming from a breaker hopefully that will sort it
  4. neil20vtc

    Hazard switch

    Hi recently bought a mk2 arosa tdi for a run about but when I turn the car off the indicator lights on pass side stay illuminated Ive managed to get round this for now by removing the fuse but mot is due soonish so trying to get it sorted I've removed the switch and tried cleaning it with some isopropnol but still does it Does anyone know if the switch is shared with any other models of seat as the lupo one is triangular not round and don't seem to be any on eBay Cheers Neil

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