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  1. add some class to your lupo with this audi s3 steering wheel and airbag! ive seen one fitted to a lupo and it looked awesome! anyway i'm breaking a 2001 audi s3 which is totally undamaged!! this advert is for the black leather s3 steering wheel and airbag. i'll add pictures once i work out how to!! lol i'm located near chesterfield, just off juction 30 of the m1. £200
  2. for sale, the front and rear seats out of my 2001 audi s3. black leather electric recaro front seats and the recaro rear seat with the headrests. incudes the loom. the front would look awesome in a lupo, but you'd need to get your rear retrimmed (you could used the s3 rear leather with the recaro panels!) £400 i'm located near chesterfield. just off juction 30 of the m1 i'll add pic's once i work out how to do it lol. just to add the seats are still in the car so there's no storage marks.
  3. sorry everyone, the remains of the lupo have gone to the big scrappy in the sky!! all i have left is the front bumper....£20 if anyone needs one
  4. right, ive started to list some bits on ebay. new omp 6 point rollcage with door bars for a lupo £200 cost £530ish!! (sold) drivers side headlight £30 start price (sold) passenger side headlight £20 start (had the top lug repaired) (sold) tailgate £30 start price (does not include wiper motor or lock) red rear lights £10 start price (sold) yellow rear bumper £10 start price (sold) rear wiper motor £10 start price (sold) drivers side mirror (manual adjust) £20 start price (sold) passenger side mirror £20 start price (sold) yellow bonnet £40 start price (sold) theres picture of all the parts on the listings ive got more parts to list ie; both front wings front bumper both front and rear bumper reinforcers both doors both window regulators (electric) lock set inc 2 keys and black box front pannel radiator power steering rack power steering pump front suspension legs front subframe rear beam any body cuts!!
  5. the ebay item number is; 230655652891 i'll take a walk down to the garage later and try and take some pic's.
  6. price drop!!!! it's on ebay for £200!!! i'll be going to leeds vw festival and if it fits in the car i can take it there
  7. first of all sorry ive not been on here for a while! i'm off work for the week and i'll be stripping the lupo and painting my beetle!! as of yet ive still got the car, ive only sold the complete front grill. ive taken the headlights out but not sold them yet! i'm going to start listing parts on ebay this week as i take them off the car, unless anyone on here wants anything first. i may be able to take parts to leeds vw festival if anyone wants . so pev, yes ive got all the parts you want!
  8. yep ive got one! i'm breaking a 1.4s lupo if you need owt else
  9. yes ive got all the powersterring parts, i'll have a look over the weekend and see if i can get it off
  10. i'll have a look over the weekend but prob not
  11. lupo 1.4s breaking (may sell as whole rolling shell inc v5) its yellow!!! no interior or dash no engine or gearbox no front grill. it has electric windows/mirrors/central locking/power steering all body panels and lights based near chesterfield, derbyshire, just off jtn 30 of m1
  12. the rollcage is listed on ebay, if you have a look on there you'll find it. theres only one picture on there and its not that great lol. but at least you can see my feedback on ebay and it add an element of security for any potental buyer. thank guys for your interest. ooh ive also got a lupo 1.4 rolling shell (with v5) if anyone wants to build a track car!
  13. pm me your email address and i'll get some pic's sorted cheers steve
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