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  1. Sad times Out on saturday, skidded on the wet road and ended up face first in the corner of a railway bridge. My gorgeous loop looked worse for wear! ~(i'm fine btw, just a few bruises from the seatbelt. the boyfriend had fun finding my bruises as they existed on my lower stomach and chest....)
  2. Sup guys! A few weeks ago I stupidly drove into a trailer which ripped my wing mirror half out of the side of my car, it's now pressing so hard on the passenger side window it's impossible to open without a lot of elbow grease! My boyfriend has had a look on euro car parts but he says they are quite expensive! Anyone know where I can get a new one, preferably painted black already? Had a look at the scrappy only to find a few arosa's sporting the same damage as my loop. Thanks x
  3. So i've got a standard black 1.0L loop. Been wanting to spruce her up a bit since I passed my test. I just took my parents shopping in the lupo and with the amount of **** they buy i got a chance to see how my little loop would look slammed. I'm looking to spend about £300-£400 for a decent set, not got a clue about makes but I know my brother has a set of v-maxx for his mk2 golf... Cheers x
  4. cat-lupo


    Hello! I'm Cat from Surrey, recently passed my test (not sure how) and got myself a nippy 1.0 Black loop. You might see me driving round like a hobbo. Nice to meet you all
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