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  1. cant wait to pass my test!

  2. retchy

    New member! New Lupo!

    okay cheers mate i will see what i can find then check theyre okay on here
  3. retchy

    New member! New Lupo!

    so just wondering if i am on ebay if i search '7J alloy wheels 15inch 4 stud' (or something along them lines) they will be the correct alloys for my car? and thanks for the advice.
  4. retchy

    New member! New Lupo!

    hey guys im new to the forums, i have recently just purchased my lupo which i am currently learning to drive in! should hopefully have my test passed soon! But i've been wondering if i can get some advice on what i can do to my car but baring in mind i am a 17year old lad at college with a tightish budget. I have been thinking of getting some black alloys but the prices are quiet high for new ones and im not sure on sizes etc. so can anyone help out a bit i also wouldn't mind adding a nice stereo and speakers to my car but i reckon halfords will be best for that or something. But if you know anywhere i can get alloys cheap etc or have any ideas of what cool things i could do to my lupo then leave me a reply! It is a Lupo 1.0 E by the way http://s1089.photobucket.com/albums/i342/AdamRecsetar/?action=view&current=mycar.jpg

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