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  1. Facebook: For When The Illusion Of Having Friends Is All You Really Need!

  2. Waited Nearly A Week For My Ralph Lauren Gilet And Now I Try It On I've Realized Its Way To Big For Me :/ You lovely person!

  3. Mark Grant On Car Shows/Meets - "its like walking around looking at **** to make you feel worse about your car -.-." HAHAHAHA!

  4. Is there anything funnyer than a brand new 11 plate astra stack is and **** his wheel up showing off? I don't think so. You sir are my hero. Thank you are good night.

  5. Anyone got stats on a blonde girl who drives a black lupo with pink badges? Seen in oakhill 12:47.

  6. Just because i don't have a rear window in my car it does not make it acceptable for a stinking bird to move in!

  7. So after loosing my wallet with nearly �400 in it i finally find it :)

  8. And So My Bad Luck Continues On To The Second Day...Think I'll Stay In Bed Today All Day At Least Nothing Can Possibly Happen Here (:

  9. Girl On The Platform Smiled..

  10. Is Anyone Out Tonight Or What...?

  11. Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day..

  12. Walking down Bath highstreet at 1 in the morning, knowing i have to be up 4.15 for work.

  13. As If My Mum Asked Me To Kill One Of Her Kittens! WHAT THE ****!

  14. 2 Hollister Hoodys Zis' Broke In Less Than 24 Hours. You Know That's Build Quality!

  15. just seen 4 old people in a car with there rear bumper hanging off dragging down the road so I flashed them and put my hazards on so they decide to drop it a few gears and floor it?! weird lol.

  16. Congratulations Steve Wilson And Lauren Hill.....Hopefully It Will Be A Boy :)

  17. What's The Difference Between Killing Time And Killing Niggerz?

    You Can Only Kill So Much Time.

  18. Just had my first anal experiance! maybe starting out with something smaller than a wine bottle would have been a good idea, sore as **** now!

  19. Missing My Georgeous Girlfriend Holly Dub Hudson Right Now :/ Good Luck Today Anyway :D xxx

  20. Literary Does Anyone Know Where A Polo GTi Car Is Either Breaking And/Or Down A Scrap Yard?!

  21. some little 8 year old kiddy just came in with his possee thinking he's card buying redbull. when the all went buying more sweets I shook his can up. pow didn't even get through the door before he was soaked :) I love my job :)

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