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  1. Was a FRP engine, Removed from a salvage FRP, Inlet wouldnt fit under the bonnet, bonnet was already cut out to fit the standard puma manifold. So yes it is a FRP engine.
  2. Hey, Sold my Fox so heres what i haveleft over, A set of Genuine Mercedes Mono blocks, 3 have tractor tyres and one hasnt got a tyre, Theres a couple of pics with one fitted with a 165/50 which gave a nice stretch These are 15x7 Need to go hence the price, £50! Located in Welling, Kent, 10 mins from Dartford Crossing Cheers, Harry, 07946 250 284
  3. Hey, Yerh on the Ka, couldnt really go for anymore stretch, wernt really that drivable with them tyres and that much power in the first place! Picking up the Porsche wheels up Friday now, waiting for the adapters to come through the post aswell. Also what would be the best coilovers? On the old Fords we used Ap's, they went down 75mm, Hmm, i know the conversion wouldnt be 'easy' but it shouldt be too hard if the Fox is based on a 9n Polo, is it a case of changing the engine loom, ecu, engine and box? Just thinking something a whole lot easier to do than the Ka, that was all custom mounts, eng
  4. Hey, Joined up along time ago, when i was originally looking for a Fox, but never got one in the end. Well recently i sold my Ka and got this Fox! Heres a little detail on the Ka, looking to go the same route with the Fox. Had a 6 Page feature in Performance Ford, another in Fast Ford mag. It in Performance Ford this month aswell, it was a very very well known car, but i had it for 3 years this month, so time to go! A new project to start, went for a Fox as noones really done one, same with the Ka, thats why it got noticed! Heres a few pics just for record 1.7 16v Puma Racing Conversion, 155b
  5. Hey, Dunno were to start Well, ive got my Ka. Its a 1.7 VVTI Puma Racing conversion (1 of 2 ever converted) running the engine stock atm 155bhp. 0-60 in 7 secs-ish. Slammed 75mm on coilovers running 195/45 over a 8j rim, full flocked dash etc.. Its a well known car in the Ford scene, its been in various mags (Performance Ford, Fast Ford etc...) Ive had this for nearly 2 years now (i bought it when i was 16) and now its all finished! So time to move onto a new project! Heres a couple of pics of it: Anyway, ive found a Fox (i know alot of you are not to keen on them ) But fancied somethi
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