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  1. loopyvee

    HT leads

    spelling error... yes split!!
  2. loopyvee

    HT leads

    thanks for your reply!! however i find it strange one of the leads would spilt again not so long ago after they were all replaced... has to go into the garage anyway as the engine managment light has come on so my friend is sorting that out for me...
  3. loopyvee

    HT leads

    Hi Has any one experienced HT lead problems?? It appears one of my HT leads have spilt again and they arent even a year old.... Any ideas people Thank you xx
  4. loopyvee

    blower only working on setting 4

    Thank you - its the same for cool air aswell ..where is it best to get parts for this? i tried ebay and there isnt anything apart from polo, audi etc
  5. basically what the title says really, i can only get it working on setting 4 and heating works just no putput on any other setting..help please

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