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  1. Hi all, looking to purchase one in the next few weeks. cash waiting
  2. Hi guys just had a random idea, thinking of running some cooper s wheels for next season but as you know they are 17, reckon there will be much hastle? More than happy to raise my car back up and arches are already rolled?
  3. I need one today mate unfortunately :/
  4. Can anybody tell me if there is anything i can use instead, off a polo maybe or an ordinary lupo??
  5. need one urgently if anyone has one please text me on 07845335882 thanks!
  6. Hi all, I'm currently sat in my car on my drive because it's absolutely pouring down with rain and last time I checked I wasn't a duck. :/ so anyway I started to press things in my car (lupo gti) and I'm now wondering what the button does on the rev counter next to the clock? Doesn't seem to be doing an awful lot. Any ideas?
  7. Does anyone know if it is the same as one off another car at all? possibly a polo 6n2 or the lupo 1.4 16v? if anybody has one even better Thanks guys
  8. Does anyone actually have the answer to his question as i too have come across this before
  9. does it have to be from a Lupo gti?
  10. Rightiooooooooooooooooo, my car has been very tempremental lately my central locking doesnt work off the fob which i know about but anyway, using the key in the door it used to be one turn for drivers door and two to unlock the passenger one but now it started unlocking both doors with one turn which has now lead to the passenger door not locking using the switch on the door when im in the car, it will lock but immediatley unlocks itself. Can anyone shed any light for me? Thankss
  11. Just wondering if im going to need a complete new headlight or can i just by the surround? or even plastic weld as it has just cracked and snapped
  12. Ahaaa theres lots of us tom But yeah ill arange one and and anddddddddd im not sure exactly how many mm but its on fk coily's and in answer to your speedbump question i manage by ordering a new bumper from vw due to excesive abuse air ride is no good on the lupo its made to be driven or so im told :L
  13. Aha still looks cool, what's your plans then?
  14. Ahaaa it looks evil in black! I want the red trim around my grill also but wouldn't stand out
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