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  1. Honestly Peter I'm not!!! Help me
  2. This may sound really stupid but how do I get there?! I dont come on here often! Cheers
  3. I need a cheap recon gearbox for 1.6 16v GTI 5 speed- any ideas??
  4. Thanks for the Addy!

  5. Thanks Ray- absolutely love the roof box! Its given me some ideas!
  6. I've had my Lupo since November and only just joined! Naughty me..I need my wrists slapping!
  7. to change my wheels or not.....?

    1. leweylupo


      No point asking me i have far to many sets & have a real problem with wheels (bit of an ocd), whatever you do keep your bathursts if you have them on your Gti you'll only regret selling them, just been added as a friend which is nice, ta muchly Where you from Chloe ?

    2. ChloeGTI


      Sorry for extreemly late reply but havent got round to logging on! I live in Derby. How about you?

  8. Hi everyone! Just joined and saying hello!

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