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  1. New top's, boxers, socks and shoes standard £150.00 shop in westfields with Jessica Ash now for a takeaway curry Yumaaa :D

  2. Westfields with jess :D

  3. Missing the low life....to keep the polo or not....Uhhh.

  4. Anyone got any suggestions on some new kicks? along the makes of Addidas & nike .

  5. Lovely seeing Jessica Ash tonight & having dinner cooked for me, Thankyouuuuuuuuuuu ly

  6. I hate posh office people tht drive like ****s on the a3!

  7. I really must start making and buying my own lunch because she never gives me enough :@. God WOMEN!

  8. Romping shop what a tune : D

  9. Adam Bristow is just as pussy whipped as i am. LMFAO!

  10. Who wants to buy Driver SF off of me £30.00?

  11. Enough **** for one night where ever i go drama follows me lol. Stay in next time i think.

  12. All this drama sucks and is pretty pathetic, get on with your life doosh bag!

  13. Going to be one of those days. meeeh

  14. LOL At all the drunk peoples status's on FB this morning quite amusing.

  15. Deff going back to a Golf next year. Hmmm Anni Edition mk4 ftw .

  16. Wish people would get on with their own lives and stop getting involved with others.

  17. Deffo need to bring the dub down to wiltshire next summer the roads are soooo nice :D

  18. Hugs in bed tonight with Jess yayyy! :D

  19. I shld start writing down these unmarked pigs I've seen soooooo many today!

  20. Perving on women on the m1 on route back to the yard with G and Daz lool! standard procedure.

  21. Shooting a movie scene at this time of the morning :o mental!

  22. 4.30 Start tomorrow laaavley!

  23. OH ****! been driving uninsured for nearly 2 weeks!!!! admiral you pricks!

  24. Driving back from somewhre on the m40 with type r wheels and sam goddard (wifey) listnin to light house family! hahaahah!

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