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  1. Managed to look on autodata and found how to do it. For reference for other people, there is a nipple to the left side as you look down from the front of the car. It has a red cap. You can remove this and check/change oil from here.
  2. normally an autobox would have a dipstick with which you pour the oil down to refill but the lupo doesnt have this. rather than take my car to the vw garage as vw would like me to, how do i top up the oil myself? The car jolts into second gear when cold and slips a bit until its warmed up, ive been told this could be low gearbox oil so i want to try this avenue first.
  3. managed to get the part off. its the right part number but the engine code isnt on that list.... odd
  4. how do i find out what engine code my one is? Is there somewhere i can type in my reg number etc?
  5. Ive had a mare this past week with overheating and so far the waterpump, all belts, pulleys, thermostat etc have all been changed. Now the thermostat housing is broken Is this the correct part number: Part number. 032 121 111 this is for the lupo 1.4 16v 1999 ive looked on ebay and there are a couple and they are listed as polo 1.4 8v but they look pretty much identical to the one on my car...?
  6. ok im a bit confused tbh. My car overheated quite badly the opther week. ive since changed the thermostat and seal and just ran the car to get the water flowing, the stst didnt open and the car overheated. one side of pipework is hot, the rad and other side is cold, so its the stat not opening. its a brand new stat so it cant be a fault with that, but what else could it be? the last stat had a pin sticking all the way out of it through a hole in the middle of the housing. above the hole was a little bit of plastic that had broken off. does the pin push against this to open the stat? if so, i can get a new housing but isnt this a weak point as the bit of plastic was only about 5mm thick? if not.... any ideas? other option for me is to just take the stat out for now but thats not exactly ideal.
  7. scotty. the bits im posting are from the link to the cheaper golf ones. he stated in the title they fit lupo, also put in the questions below that they fit a lupo. you are correct in that he sells a more expensive set for the lupo and he answered my email by pointing me to that link. i replied saying i would leave it for now and that he should alter his current listing. ah well, figured there was a bargain to be had, never mind
  8. Item specifics - Car Parts & Accessories Type: Suspension Intended Use: Modification/ Enhancement Subtype: Lower Kits & Parts Condition: New Manufacturer: Volkswagen Model/ Series: Golf I, Golf II, Golf III, Golf IV, Lupo says lupo... in the questions it says lupo... and in the ebay listing title it also says lupo. thats why i wondered if they would fit a lupo lol ill let you knwo if he gets back to me if they fit, if he does do kits that fit its a bonus
  9. thing i dont get is that he says the kit will fit a lupo and has put lupo in the title... ive sent an email to the seller asking them. Nice and cheap if they do fit!
  10. hi all. curious to know if these would actually fit. they state golf 1,2,3 and 4... doesnt mention polo. but says lupo? also says in his questions that they would fit a lupo http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/TA-Technix-Coilovers-VW-Golf-/200463324059?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2eac8b939b
  11. why not spray the inside and get hids?
  12. i never include chassis mods in the price of an engine conversion.... the prices i get are for the parts required to change engines... brakes and suspension etc is completely seperate... needed yes, but seperate. I'll be looking into what brakes fit from other golfs once i get a chance. (possibly golf gti?) For the polo gti conversion the price of £1350 was for polo pedal box, pedals, engine, gearbox, clutch, cables, wiring loom, polo engine mounts, polo ecu, ignition, keys. I think that was about it. Pretty much the cost of a smashed donor car without the hassle of having to take out all the bits myself. The vr6 is cheap for me to buy, and would probably be cheaper for me to put in the car than any other engine... my mate runs a vw garage/conversion place and has done quite a few vr6 conversions into various golfs and pickups etc. as far as i know the vr6 is cable throttle (and clutch) so is my lupo so thats a few less brackets to make up. i think one vr6 shaft fits? and then ill need another one custom made... or adapted, the engine mounts wont cost much to make as i daresay he will fabricate them in house. The loom is going to be the biggest challenge but he knows his way around the vr6, its just the lupos loom he would have to figure out... meaning cost. dont suppose anyone reading this thread has a wiring diagram from the lupo do they?
  13. i mean the cost of parts mate... just had a quote from a local scrappy for £1350 for all the parts from a polo gti for the conversion. The 1.8t wasnt far off this. I have a friend that will be doing the conversion for me cheap... just hard finding the information needed, lupos arent the most common of cars. Seen that a vr6 engine fits so im going to look at that option as well as i can get the parts dirt cheap.
  14. i was going to fix this myself as my roof has got rot in the gutters! going to get down vw asap as its 11 years old. edit: typical that i see this thread 'after' i vinyl wrap my car!
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