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  1. Thank you for the replies; much appreciated. Are we talking several hundreds to put right?
  2. Did a search to see if this has already been covered, could I also ask members expertise please? My 2001 Lupo GTi 5 speed has an issue getting into 3rd gear. At higher revs it can crunch into 3rd, or not go in at first, it just kind of rattles around before being placed into gear. This has got worse slowly. At lower revs it is better. The problem only affects 3rd gear. It had a clutch @ 105k & is currently on 120k. Does this sound like a synchro issue? Is it an expensive fix or is that hard to tell without getting it looked at properly? I'd appreciate any advice & apologies if this has been covered many times before. Cheers
  3. Better photos after a clean, plus some paperwork & interior:
  4. FS 2001 Seat Arosa Sport 11 months MOT, 111k miles. I've owned it for a year. I've had the pedal box done & fixed some electrical gremlins which was making the engine management light turn on & the engine run badly. It had new plugs, battery & some sensors while that fault was being diagnosed too. If you need to know more I'll give the garage a ring, it took them a while to sort it as the computer was giving them an error code but it turned out to be a loose wire in the end. It starts & stops fine. EPC light is on all the time, computer says it is an ABS sensor. Paint work is awful, lacquer peel all over the shop. Interior needs a clean but it is rip free, it is blue/black. Couple of tyres are near the limit but it got through MOT with them. Stereo has a mind of it's own, if it feels like it, it will turn on, but don't count on it. Car is in N.Devon, nr the coast EX32. Drop me a line if interested (07899796986) £450 ono Pics taken today:
  5. Make: Suzuki Model: Cappuccino MOT: May 2012 TAX: Jan 2012 Engine size: 660cc Fuel type: petrol Description including modifications: none Location: North Devon EX32 Price:£2k Want to trade my Suzuki Cappuccino for a TDi Arosa It is a rare standard UK model not an import, 660cc turbo, 750kg total weight with 50/50 weight distribution. Double wishbones, aluminium panels and roof which stows in boot. Great fun redlines @ 9k RPM, grip in dry is amazing, rear wheel drive in wet is "fun"-nothing too much too handle though, I get 45mpg+ but need rear seats now Just over 1000 cars were UK models so a rare sight on UK roads Recent major service and cambelt change so no major costs looming, will need a minor service in May. Value is around £2k, LMK what you have if you fancy a trade? ebon@btinternet.com 01271375645
  6. SOLD Make:Fiat Model:Seicento Sporting MOT:End of Sept 2011 TAX:End of May 2011 Engine size:1.1 Fuel type:petrol Description including modifications:none Location:North Devon EX320DG Not a Lupo or Arosa or even VAG but a Fiat Seicento Sporting, standard sporting spec-EW,PAS,sunroof,alloys etc plus a sony CD installed. Finished in Fiat Stealth Yellow it has 64k on the clock T&T as above, 4 owners, my mum was last one for 4 years, she serviced it and did anything it needed, it has had a new sump as a precaution. Overall it is in VGC, it has a small crease in the front plastic bumper and the engine management light has been on, it has had a diagnostic run and it has been like this for 2 years there is nothing wrong. It was given to me to sell as my family have moved to France, I have been running it around for a couple of months and it is a good laugh and cheap to run, weighing as much as a paper bag. Amazingly apart from faulty engine sensor everything else works including everything electrical but my mum did cherish it, she bought it from Mangoletsi Fiat in Cheshire the oldest independent Fiat/Alfa dealer in the UK and it was garaged and washed and polished by the Sana handwash in Blackburn twice a month. Any questions please get in touch-01271375645 J27 M5 is closest main road to me-EX320DG £700 ono thank you CL for opportunity to sell
  7. I swapped my Arosa Sport a while ago for the amazing Fernando from Jowey, he is pretty low! Anyhow after a nasty scrape with a severe speedbump in Tiverton |Parkway railway station I have noticed a couple of things & I dont know whether they are related or bad news? Some kind of oil leak, not too bad but a patch every morning, also the auto box isnt as good at selecting first, very jumpy as it goes in. any thoughts???
  8. I recently bought a DSi XL from another member Door_1980's previously known as Russwcsims. It never arrived, first his girlfriend was sending it, then his mum, now no communication. Getting the feeling that it isnt going to arrive. It was paid for last Sunday. Has anyone dealt with him, am I worrying over nothing? Maybe Russ can get in touch or post here to LMK what gives?
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