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  1. The clutch originally was really heavy and the bite was really low. I had some work done by the garage I got the car from last week, they had missed something on my suspension and the seal they had fitted in my gear box had broken, they corrected these problems free of charge because they were at fault. Then when i collected the car from them, straight away i noticed a difference in the clutch, it was a lot lighter and it was as if the biting point wasn't there 2 days later it failed.
  2. Hi guys, sorry if there is a similar post to this already but I need some advice! I passed my test two weeks ago and after spending all my savings on my lupo and it's insurance disaster has struck My clutch completely failed on Saturday night and managed to get it to a garage by using my RAC warranty. Now the RAC registered garage is saying that the problem is not covered by my warranty! Basically they have said my clutch has worn and caused the clutch pedal box to break and the clutch cable to snap There quoting me £600 to fix it and I was just wondering if i'm being taken for a ride wit
  3. My driving side windscreen wiper is broken, it keeps flying off the windscreen and onto the driver's side window Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Hi, was just wondering if you can tell me if Polo Alloys 14", stud diameter: 100, number of studs: 4 will fit my Lupo 1.4s Thanks
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